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When Women Become Adults

Originally posted on Sex and Living with Your Parents:
I’ll start by saying that the inspiration for writing this came to me when I read this article by The Atlantic, “When are you really an adult?” It’s on my mind a lot. After all, I live with my parents. Unfortunately, I think our culture gets it straight up wrong when it comes to women becoming adults. A gown up woman is what I need to be, or so I’ve heard. If I’m not actively dating anyone, it means I’ve eschewed marriage all together. I’m asexual. I would not be discussing this topic if people were not so damn presumptuous with me on the topic of getting married or having children. Maybe some sense in me a sign of struggle when they look at my tired eyes. The truth is, I am struggling. The difference between their perceptions and my own is that any time I’m “struggling,” it’s because I’m single. It’s like Sesame Street. S for struggle. S for single. They must go together, Eureka!…

Welcome to School Mr. Ma’am

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Today is my first day of school. It’s dark outside and a dense layer of fog blankets the sleepy city. I wake up hours before I need to leave my apartment. Like other girls, I take a shower, spend way to long picking out my outfit, change about a dozen times, do my makeup, and check everything twice. I make breakfast, brush my teeth, and make funny faces at myself in the mirror while I give myself yet another once over. I grab my backpack and nervously head outside to catch my Uber. Today is going to be utterly perfect. I arrive at school thirty minutes early. My school ID is outdated so I head into the basement of the towering eight floor building to get a new one. I find my way to the security office and take a new picture. The director of security who also doubles as the school photographer asks me how I like it. I don’t. Thankfully, another guy walks in and helps me upload a…

Male to Female, Gay to Straight: Losing My Identity

Originally posted on corybanticcory:
Transitioning has made my life really complicated… Especially lately. I’ve finally hit the point in my transition where people are starting to question what my gender is. I thought I would be excited, and I am, but I’m also so alone. Dating is a nightmare. I don’t really appeal to either sex right now. Everyone is sort of confused about how to look at me. Some people see a woman. Some people see a man. Some people see the potential to fall in love and others… they see friendship. I’ve been generally really happy since moving to San Francisco. I love it here. I live close to the beach, I have amazing roommates, and there’s so much to do. I know that I have a lot to be thankful for. I don’t ever want to leave. But this city isn’t the trans-utopia that I thought it was going to be. Most people don’t know how to date someone who is transgender. I’m transgender and I don’t even know how to date…