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Pinch, Punch For The First Of The Month

Charlotte Hoather Looking Forward To The Start Of My Final Year Tomorrow will be the first of September 2015 and for me signifies the beginning of my final undergraduate year here at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The last three years have been a whirlwind of exciting experiences, technical discoveries and personal development. Though I have learnt so much from the fantastic teachers that have coached me I know that this is just the beginning, as they have also ignited within me the desire to explore this fantastic art, this wondrous world of opera that so captivates me. Looking Back To When I First Joined The RCS I have so much to do in the coming weeks from preparing my application for a Master’s degree, to carefully selecting my audition repertoire and managing my concert and recital bookings for the coming year. Looking back over the last three years I remember my… View original post 167 more words

Prioritizing Then & Balancing Now

There are two specific times in my life that I realized how important it was for me to prioritize: spring semester senior year and now (one year after graduating). Senior Year: Spring Semester For the record, I’ve always done my best to prioritize, but senior year spring semester my skills were put to the test. Being an active member of my college community (which meant being over involved) I had to cut back in order to focus on postgraduate plans. One afternoon I received a call from an individual that had the audacity to lecture me over my choice to work on a group project and future endeavors versus participating in an event for an extracurricular activity. I used logic to prioritize the circumstance. I chose to attend college to get a degree, the extracurricular activities were a perk that would not make or break (emphasis on break) my ability to get a job. I didn’t pay $160k for extracurriculars. My priorities, in order, were my education, internships, anything related to film/TV (due to my career choice), and …

Ambivalence: Senior Year

Oooooh senior year. It is slowly approaching and my mixed emotions (ambivalence) continue to grow. Being a film student, there is something that I was told by many alumni and professionals… While all of my business student friends (and by that I mean…the students in the business school whose names I happen to know from one class we had together) are running off to their post-grad jobs that they solidified before senior year began… For us in the film community, odds are, we won’t have a job on graduation day. To make matters worse, it’s not our fault. We don’t have control over it. It is just how the industry works. Some people may read this and think: That’s not true, the company I interned with just offered me a job. You are the exception. CONGRATU-frickin-LATIONS. No but really, Congratulations! That’s pretty darn awesome. You truly are one of few. Needless to say, if you have connections from heavily networking or a family friend happens to be someone with a lot of power, use them as …