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The Quill Within Me & The Cookie in My Mouth

Originally posted on Enigma:
This was me a year ago: Once more I find the quill within me and my smile, the ink, writing is freedom, I must say writing is living and laughing, most of all writing is loving, loving not only the world but everything, everyone in it. Writing is my passion… I swear I haven’t changed that much, I still believe that Ohmygod today was so weird!!! I was nervous all day, but hid it, and I randomly decided to give my english teacher the ‘novel’ I’ve been working on since the ideas in it would be good for my coursework, and he asked for it, so I just gave him the whole draft THE WHOLE DRAFT aaaaaaaargh, what if he thinks it’s absolute shite?! NERVOUS Anyways, Happy news! My period came! Now I know, this is kinda weird, but hell, all us ladies get them, get over it, anyways I’m like 2 months overdue and I was getting really worried, but yay! it came! prepare for the mood swings folks! and…

Insecurity: A Daunting Companion

Originally posted on A Sunny Place To Think:
I am secretly insecure. About a lot of things. Sure, I’m the chipper, go-to gal amongst all of my friends and family, too. I’m always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it be running your errands for you, to babysitting your kid, to helping out with homework or housework or yardwork. Optimism is my middle name, mostly. I always have a ready smile and I always have something to laugh about. But deep down, WAY deep down the darkness known as fear weaves me in a tighter web. I think this is the source my anxiety feeds on. This internal fear that I hide away so well from so many people that they don’t even know I have this problem until someone I’m close to (like my mother, for instance) tells them. What am I insecure about? Many things. I’ve touched on them briefly in previous posts. Like how I’m 25, have only ever had one “serious” relationship (which only lasted 6 months), fear that I’ll never find “the…