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Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit

Originally posted on daniel is reading:
I have a great tendency to finish what I’ve started, so when it comes to quitting books or series, it doesn’t happen all that often. Not completing a book is very rare, and all I can think of is Mein Kampf, and that one speaks for itself.  Well I quit The Maze Runner series, not wanting to delve into the prequel/s I also quit Divergent, after Divergent No more pointless love triangles. Please. No more milking a series till it’s dry, I’m looking at you Orson Scott Card (unless you do keep doing a good job of it, in which case, carry on) No more spoilery blurbs, The Stone Key please you basically told us the whole outline of the plot No more fickle comparisons with the popular book of the day No more crap movie adaptations! No more one-dimensional characters No more helpless female protagonists No more ‘nerdy’ characters just being there to be the nerd What books have you quit on? What tropes would you like to see stopped?