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Jonathan Franzen Is a Basic Bitch, But I’m OK With It

Originally posted on couldreads:
Like most great controversies, it all started with Oprah. Back in 2001, Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections?was selected for?Oprah’s Book Club, at a time when OBC was nirvana for publishers—an immediate launching pad to record-breaking sales and endless press. Franzen?shot some b-roll with O, but his invitation for an official sit-down?was rescinded after a series of interviews in which he expressed reservations about the pick. “I had some hope of actually reaching a male audience and I’ve heard more than one reader in signing lines now at bookstores say ‘If I hadn’t heard you, I would have been put off by the fact that it is an Oprah pick,”’ Franzen told?NPR?at the time. “Those are male readers speaking.” Oprah and Franzen eventually made?up—ever a badass, in 2010 she selected his novel Freedom for her book club and the duo intellectually hugged it out on camera—but even after a decade of half-assed backpedaling, Franzen has struggled (or refused) to shed his reputation as an ungrateful douche. “I think [Oprah]?was surprised that I wasn’t…