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How to be a Productive Millennial

Originally posted on brave turquoise:
Entire seasons of TV shows being available on Netflix make it easier than ever to waste an entire Saturday. Checking e-mail and watching all of your friends’ Snapchat posts provide hours of entertainment. Boozy brunches and day parties can instantly ruin an entire weekend that was supposed to be dedicated to productivity. So how can you be a productive 20- to 30-something in today’s world? I am the queen of doing-too-much but I get THE most done throughout the week. At school I am president of the Black Graduate Student Association, planned a 50-person weekend ski trip this year, am involved in the Toastmasters public speaking group, travel to conferences for fun and for school, travel to visit family, and develop and teach coding camps to high school girls all while be productive on school work. My secret? Being organized. Google Calendar is my BFF. SHORT TERM: At the beginning of each day, I write on a sticky note (or sometimes am lazy/can’t find one and write in Notepad) the…

How To Be A Morning Person + My Morning Routine.

Originally posted on Heart of a Traveller:
Let me start of this post by saying that I am NOT a morning person. I like to sleep, a lot. But as much as I love it, I have realised recently that it’s hindering me from being as productive as I want. The thing is, when you wake up at 10am, you’re not really functional till 11am, and by the time you’ve had breakfast and you’re dressed it’s already midday. Just like that, a potentially productive morning is wasted. So I’ve decided to change, to make the most of my day. I ha­­ve to admit that this change was not 100% my choice, nor was it 100% welcomed at first. I recently started an internship in Singapore, meaning that I have to get to work at 8:30 (aka. I now have act like a normal adult and wake up early for work). With this change in routine, I decided that I would become a morning person, waking up super early, and starting the day off right. So…

How to Combat Post-Lunch Slump

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
This happens more often than not. After that happy lunch break, you find yourself meandering back to your desk with deliciousness hugging your insides then…suddenly, you sit down and five minutes later, the first yawn. Your eyes begin to water and your view of the computer becomes blurred. Your thoughts too are not as focused. You yawn again and lean back to your chair, with half a thought to get up and get a cup of coffee, or a piece of chocolate, anything to combat post afternoon drowsiness so you could get back to pre-lunch level of productivity. Well, here’s what I observed from testing out different lunch options such as, pasta, sandwiches, sushi, Chinese takeout, salads, protein bars. In a pinch, if you want to avoid the snooze-fest then eat a light lunch, and always make sure you get out of the office to eat (even if you brought your lunch). Don’t just order in and sit and wait. What I’ve found is that…