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Secondhand Smoke

Originally posted on Serve With Me:
I use public transportation to travel to and from my service. While there are many positives to traveling via public transportation such as reduced air pollution, increased physical exercise, saving money and more, there are also negatives. As you can tell from the title of this post, the main negative I have recently become concerned with is secondhand smoke. Up until this point I have been satisfied with my efforts to avoid smokers. If someone is smoking at the bus stop, I keep my distance so that I don’t breathe in the smoke. In addition, I time my trips so that I am able to wait on the bus where smoking is prohibited rather than outside where it is allowed. Now I have realized that these two tactics are not enough. The tactics I mentioned above have resulted in me breathing in smoke when I am at the train station transferring from bus to train or vice versa. As I exit the bus, often times a person walking in…

recovering from an ED || a beautiful journey of various volumes

Originally posted on she be kale-in' it:
? “recovery is not a destination where one day you will wake up and feel fixed but rather it’s a slow mending process that follows an imperfect line where progress is made over time. along the way your eating disorder will make it’s presence known as it fluctuates between being very quiet or very loud. use this as reassurance that you are healing by the mere fact that you are aware of the sounds it makes and in charge of the volume. “ ? finding this quote from Tina Klaus of Don’t Live Small?was a sign from the universe, i swear. i have read it multiple times knowing how much i must?remember that my eating disorder may flare+ fluctuate, but i remain in charge of the internal volume. i remain in recovery. so i’m being a bit more candid in this post, less about tasty healthy treats?+ more about what i have experienced as well as continue to live with. i’m curious who else had a difficult time…