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Goals, Passions, and Success: An Interview with My Grandmother

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Praxis personal development project day 3: interview one of your friends. I believe the intention here was to interview another high school student, but I interviewed my grandmother. A) because we are friends and B) she was the most convenient choice at 11:20pm. I asked her about her goals, study habits, passions, and philosophy of success, and then compared them to my own. Karen’s answers: Goals: “Do at least one thing a day from a list. That’s a goal just to trim down my expectations of myself.” Study Habits/Research: “If it’s something that I have to do that I’m not really passionate about I tend to procrastinate. I will get it done, and usually do a good job but it’s last minute. If it’s something that I’m really interested in or something that intrigues me, then I will really dive into things. So maybe not obsessive, I’m just interested so I’ll read a lot and really enjoy what I’m learning.” Passions: “Teaching. I enjoy teaching- kind of in various settings. Children…

How Are Your Questions?

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Three months ago my boss came to me and told me that I had to work out of town for a month. I would only be about an hour away, so I could commute if I wanted to. This was a minor annoyance, but no big deal. I could still sleep in my own bed and go on with my normal routine without too much interruption. That changed two weeks ago. Due to budget cuts, I wouldn’t be working an hour away. Instead, I would have to drive two hours away to Jacksonville and work there for a month. No way was I commuting now. When I found out I had to spend a month away from home, I was heated. I was the only person from my office who had to travel away from home this year. And this would be my second time doing it. Last time I also traveled to Jacksonville, and I was miserable. I was upset I had to spend time…

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Passion

Every project starts with excitement. Not those terrible assigned project that may require you to work with other people. Passion projects. It starts with excitement. You dive into the planning process. You hit a few bumps there, but you push forward and turn your research into reality. You work and werk on your blog, new business, or project of your choosing. You hit another bump or two, but you still manage to launch. Things are going well, then okay, then comes the monster bump.

Getting Your S**t Together

There are a lot of 20/30somethings that have self declared that they are experiencing a quarter life crisis. If you haven’t heard the term yet you can read more about it here. Three common questions that seem to be most associated with this syndrome are: What am I going to do with my life? How do I figure it all out? How do I get my s**t together? As someone who is constantly told that I “seem to have ‘it’ all figured out” and that I “seem to have it together,” I’d like to tackle these questions.

How Working to Prove Your Worth Keeps You from Succeeding

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This is a post inspired by Brene Brown’s appearance on an Oprah Soul Sunday. In the video below, Brene talks about “the Hustler” AKA her ego. She speaks about how “the Hustler” tells you ‘you don’t have any inherent worth, you have to hustle for it’. It encourages you to do as much as possible to build up a track record as proof that you deserve some recognition. Running yourself ragged to prove something so basic as the fact that you do, in fact, add something of value to the world can end up holding you back from what you’re actually supposed to be focusing on. When you’re passionate about something, or eager to start working on something new, your worth comes out through that. In today’s job market, we all are striving to climb over each other and prove our uniqueness. Everyone wants to stand out and I know that I, myself, can end up in some crippling and/or exhausting situations because of it. I run myself into the ground…

Mind over Matter.

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July was the month of surgeries! Although I have been inactive for two weeks, this past week has been the worst of all! I have been bed ridden for almost the entire week, struggling to even stand and walk to the toilet due to the excruciating pain I experience when putting pressure on my feet. This week has easily been the most difficult and challenging week of my life. Not only was it a battle physically, but a mental challenge also. I went through phases of feeling sorry for myself and unable to stop crying, to feelings of  frustration from lack of independence and just a seriously negative weak attitude to persevere with tasks such as standing- even to the point where I stopped drinking water completely so as I didn’t need to get up for the toilet as often! I didn’t take well to the strong medication which made me even worse- tired, drowsy,nauseous, lack of appetite, headaches and feelings of depression. Luckily I have the most unreal support of my…