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Ireland! 50 Shades of Green!

via uma HilaryStyle Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by lush green landscape all year long, I was skeptical about the idea that there could be anywhere more green, I mean just as green, sure, but MORE green, no way… Okay, I was wrong, Ireland has the PNW beat, because not only are there 50+ shades of the most intense green you’ve ever seen and then some, but there are castles too!  You’ve got to have castles!! Driving from Cork to Killarney we experienced not only all those beautiful shades of green, but its possible to have weather from all four seasons within one day, if not the hour, which made our drive, not only stunningly beautiful, but eventful as well!  Rain, wind, sun, clouds you name it… White caps on the lake! Planning to explore nearby areas we spent three nights in Killarney, the gateway to the Ring of Kerry and the perfect little… View original post 764 more words

The Realities of Staying Home: My First Day as a Stay-At-Home Mom

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Wreath courtesy of Well, here it is.  My first day as a stay-at-home mom.  I’m sure you all are now flipping back in your mind to all of my previous posts about staying home already, so let me explain.  I started maternity leave in February with J and had planned on staying home the rest of the school year with him.  I turned in my resignation in May.  Then came what would have been summer vacation anyway.  But today all of my colleagues head back to school for the first teacher day and I don’t.  I got my last paycheck on Friday and today I am officially at home as a stay-at-home mom.   I’m not going to lie, I have a mixture of emotions going on right now.  Part of me is sad.  I’ve been seeing all of the posts about teachers and going back to school, and I still completely relate.  I still feel like a teacher at heart.  Teaching is a calling not…

Single Mom ॐ Diaries | Sabrina Lott

Firstly, I think I’m one of many with the hardest job in the world; being a single mom to a four month old. Secondly, I am a passionate writer. I think it’s really important that my characters are relatable to my readers. I want people to either feel like they know someone like one of my characters or are like one of my characters themselves.  Sadly, I’ve been working on the same two novels for as long as I can remember. Even though I graduated college with an English degree with a focus in Creative Writing, I still have the absolute worst writing habits. I procrastinate religiously, even when it comes to my blogs. The great thing is, I work very well under the pressure of a deadline.

Staring At Menus

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On Saturday, Emily and I did the dishes four times that day. We also took out the trash four times. Laundry is also never-ending. As soon as we fold up and put away a clean batch of clothes, there’s another batch that needs to be washed. The piles are meshing together. It’s only a matter of time until I put on a dirty pair of boxers by mistake. Dishes. Trash. Laundry. All day, everyday. I love Del Taco. Apparently, this fast food chain only resides in certain states. It’s the better version of Taco Bell. As much as I love this place, I do encounter a problem with it from time to time. I see the menu and there’s so many damn options. I imagine a hot chick has a similar problem: she has so many suitors that she ends up staying single. I don’t know what to order sometimes, and it bugs the shit out of me. There is clearly a problem with abundance. Why does the world hate America so much? Because…

How to Survive the Drive-In, and a video

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Four adults, three kids, one baby and a drive-in. The odyssey. So we live a lovely 40 minute drive from the Star Light Drive-In movie theatre here in the fantastic Okanagan, and last night the double feature was Minions and Jurassic World! Gates open at 7:00 pm and the first movie begins at dusk (which was about 10 after 9:00pm). The thing is, you need to get there before the gates open if you want any chance of getting your top pick of a parking spot. We opted for 6:30, which in retrospect should have been even earlier as it was opening night for Minions… and a friday. Needless to say we DID NOT get the coveted “balcony” parking, which is up on the hill where no one can park directly in front of you AND you are also parked beside the outdoor speakers, making for prime outside sitting. No biggey though, we got in the second row back from the screen, meaning only cars could park in front of us…

Originally posted on Millennial Type: Seven weeks into fatherhood, and I’ve already learned quite a bit. If you missed my first installmentof Breaking Dad, my intention is to share with you little things I want to teach my kids someday that still apply to all of us. Over these past few weeks, I’ve been reminded of something I took for granted: make time for play. Besides working full time, changing diapers, running a blog, running a podcast, cooking dinner,launching an eCourse, and sleep, there isn’t much time left in the day for playing. I know we can all relate in some way, even if you don’t have kids. Life happens, responsibilities pile up, so making time for fun is pushed to the end of our to-do list. Now I’m all for productivity, but sometimes taking time to play (with our spouse, friends, pets or children) leads to more productivity later. Here are just a few proven benefits of play: Read more…