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I’m So Sorry

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
When you made a mistake at work, we do at some point in our career, the feeling is horrible. Especially if the mistake you made is impacting the others. At best, creating more work for other coworkers. At worst, a customer gets offended. That’s when you cursed and swore, maybe you hid in the washroom or the pantry and cried a little. Don’t feel too bad, there are a few shinings in the mud if only you can see it through your tears. For one, you learned from your mistakes and try your best not to repeat the one you just made. Secondly, from your mistake, you probably will know how your coworkers think of you. Do they go ‘Sigh! We are clearing shit for him again…” or do they come and comfort you, telling you they are alright with the extra work that you have just dumped on them? Finally, you learned while you recover from your mistakes and if one day, something similar happen to someone else, you jump…

I Told Him I Fell for Him.. on Snapchat.

Originally posted on Sex, stilettos and shots:
So a few months ago I had the really great idea of finally telling someone I shouldn’t of fallen fall, that I think I fell for him. Typical me did it in the most unappropriated way possible.. on snapchat. Yes, I am aware I’m a 23 year old independent woman. Yes, I’m aware that the usual practice would of been to tell him over drinks. Yes, I’m aware this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve done since that time I got stuck in between my bed and my wall (you’ll hear that story eventually). It didn’t go so well. He didn’t reply. I’ve now got 2 options: Option 1. I can move to Nepal and take up the rewarding career of being a goat; Option 2. I can bail out on seeing him for the foreseeable future. Preferably until I’m married with 2 kids and I can go back with my head held high as if he didn’t faze me at all. I think option 1 is my…