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A Paradise of Foods, and Summerland Fruit Stands.

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Guests, a home full of extra babies, sister, great friends and love. Fruit stand hoping, camping, beaches, still guests, and I might have even got married in the midst of it all! So much has happened already and we are really just headed into the 2nd full week of summer holidays (3rd full week for some!) We have packed so much summer into such a short period of time, I feel like we are much farther in than the 11th of July. So remember that one time, I talked about all the excitement of the season of fruit stands and farmers markets? Here in the Okanagan there is really no shortage. While we were lucky enough to have the other half of HHH stay with us an extra week after the wedding, I also had Jeff… the HUBBY… off for a week on holidays as well! What better time to get a few things crossed off my producey-bucket-list. So fruit stand hoping we did. The first round consisted only of 4…

Product Review: The Lions Choice Protein and Superfood Bar 

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 Now a days it seems like protein bars are being created just as poorly as candy bars.  High in sugars, fats, and carbs.  Don’t be fooled! Just because something is labeled as a “High Protein” Bar does not make it healthy.  Be mindful and read those ingredient lists and nutritional labels!  Hi everyone! I wanted to inform you of a new protein bar that I have stumbled across.  I feel compelled to search this company with you because I know those that are reading my blog are just as health-conscious as I am!   The company is called The Lions Choice and it has my support 100%.  The Lions Choice makes a variety of protein bars, nut butters, and even pancake mix, each infused with superfoods* and probiotics!  Today I will review the protein bars, saving the high-protein peanut butter and the pancake mix for later posts. 🙂  I found The Lions Choice on Instagram through social media members I follow– I was intrigued by the low calories, high protein,…

What are organic and non-caloric?

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What are organic and non-caloric? vitamins! Vitamins are essential for normal physiological function and must be consumed through food! Our bodies require 14 different vitamins which are detrimental for our metabolism. Below is a comprehensive list of each of the vitamins, their functions and what foods you can typically find them in. The best thing about vitamins, is that we can never have too much. If we do consume too much of any vitamin it is excreted through urine or faeces which means we reduce the risk of toxicity and deficiency. VITAMIN A – formation and maintenance of skin, hair, bone and tooth growth – found in yellow or orange fruits and vegetables, green leafy veg, fortified oatmeal and dairy products VITAMIN B1 – helps the body to release energy from carbs during metabolism and improve muscle tone and growth – found in fortified cereals, oatmeal, meats, rice, pasta, whole grains VITAMIN B2 – helps body to release energy from protein, fat and carbs during metabolism – found in whole grains, green…