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Different Types of Annoying Male Co-workers

We’ve been working for at least five years now. There are so many personalities we’ve encountered. Although we live across the country from one another, it seems like we have a lot of similar co-worker experiences. So we’ve compiled a list with a few warnings attached. The general list was posted a few weeks back. We decided to add a few more to the list, and to add some helpful descriptions.

DIY: Updating Plastic Bins

Originally posted on The HardKnock Diaries:
Last week, I was in the process of moving out of my parent’s home for the first time. With the lack of space in my dorm, I needed drawer space that came on wheels and was easily accessible. To combat my problems, I decided to purchase plastic bins to hold all of my necessities. The only problem was the terribly ugly appearance and lack of privacy of the bins. Watch me transform my bins from… This: To This: What You’ll Need: Plastic bins or drawers Double Sided Tape (or an adhesive) Scissors Scrapbook Paper ( wrapping paper or liner can also be used) Steps: 1.) Measure your scrapbook paper against your plastic bins. I was lazy with this step, but you can certainly use a ruler if you like. 2.) Once, your paper is measured, put medium sized tape pieces along the four corners of the scrapbook paper. I have seen others actually cut a slit where the handle should go, but again I am lazy and this covering…