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OkCupid – The Deep End

Originally posted on Date By Number:
OkCupid analyzes its users’ data and publishes insights in The Deep End. Their recent article takes a look at the changes from 2005 to 2015, with some surprising results, staring with this question: It’s a dramatic drop, but my first reaction was that this could be a reflection of online dating becoming more common, rather than a major shift in sexual behavior. Maybe in 2005, online dating wasn’t as mainstream and OkCupid users tended to be more ‘adventurous’. Now that online dating is more common, the 2015 OkCupid users might include more conservative daters than it did before.  I thought my theory was pretty plausible, until I reached the following question: Any guesses as to why the two questions are trending in the opposite direction? You can find the whole article here. —- For more on OkCupid, see also: Hall of OkStupid #3 at The Lonely Tribalist

The Paradox Of Expectations

Originally posted on A Couple Talks:
Oh WordPress, how I’ve missed you. Actually, no, I haven’t. I’ll come clean; I almost forgot the password to this?account. Guess you’re our illegitimate stepchild after all. We go into blogging with the mindset that we’ll keep it up and post regularly. I mean, c’mon, surely we have at least fifteen minutes a day that we can spare to blog, right? Right? No, we do not. We’re too busy watching the same Vine loop a thousand times on our phone or stalking our ex-lover, ex-friend, ex-coworker, ex-whatever on Facebook. If you’re new to blogging, just know this: one day you’ll hate blogging. I listened to a podcast episode of NPR’s Hidden Brain the other day. This episode featured Aziz Ansari, and they discussed a concept known as the paradox of choice. We love having options, but is there such a thing as having too many options? I do get frustrated when I can’t decide on an entree at a restaurant that has a million dishes to choose from, as…


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I feel like such a grumpy old man for saying this…but I still hate the whole selfie thing. Not just like taking a photograph of you and your ice cream (or whatever) and then sending it to your friend all: “haha – you don’t have a fucking ice cream, and I do!” – because of course, that is fantastic and I would never want to deprive anyone of such a perverse pleasure… I’m not even talking about getting a quick snap of you and your friends together to mark some kind of occasion…actually you know what I have no problem with the selfie in itself at all… But what I do have an issue with is the non-stop: KA-CHURR! … KA-CHURR! … KA-CHURR!  (That was supposed to be the camera sound on phones by the way; was a difficult one to recreate phonetically!) You see I’m sitting here in Starbucks – probably (definitely) drank too much coffee, but this person is sitting next to me taking photos at every angle – and has been doing so for over half an…

Article Review: Millennials: The Money-Conscious Generation?

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Yes! Yes! And again I’ll say Yesssss! Forbes hit the nail on the head with this one and I appreciate the solid representation of my financial habits as a millennial. If I can take a moment to acknowledge this awesome statement by Emily Pachuta, head of investor insights at UBS: “They have a Depression-era mindset largely because they experienced market volatility and job security issues very early in their careers, or watched their parents experience them, and it has had a significant impact on their attitudes and behaviors.” She simply gets it. As a millennial, I need society, companies, family, friends and whoever else to understand that there are so many forces at play influencing how my generation operates – and financial habits are of no exception. While yes we want to live life to the fullest with no regrets, it doesn’t change the reality of massive student loan debt, the pressure to save for retirement (since social security won’t be an option ), and even the basic desire of wanting…

Trolling on the Floor Laughing: Millennials and Comedy

Originally posted on Julie Bollinger:
The story of “Ruth Ann” that I posted a few weeks ago served as a general introduction to Millennials. Since I know how physically taxing it is to scroll down to my previous post, l’ll do a quick recap of the basic anatomy of a millennial right here, right now. Previously on this blog. . . It was revealed that Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000 who tend to be. . . Liberal Narcissistic* Well-educated Non-religious Technologically savvy Diverse Facing difficult economic circumstances *Whether or not Millennials are actually narcissistic is hotly contested. Most Baby Boomers and Silents would seem to think so, but Kanye West would probably consider our normalization of the selfie to be “art” in the truest sense.  Who do we trust? Personally, my vote is for Kanye.  Because, really, what do millions of people that have been living on this earth for more than 50 years know? This week, I ventured to research Millennials with a narrower focus.  Essentially, I set out to answer the…