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Mahouka: Ideas, Ideals, and Light Novel culture

Originally posted on A Pinoy Millennial:
Welp, I’ve been binge watching the show for a while now. And after covering over half of the total episodes, I conclude that Mahouka embodies plenty of what I like and dislike about recent anime culture surrounding Light Novels. I’ll get straight to the point, while I like the bit of social commentary about equality I’m not sure I’m fond of just how overtly technical-techy this anime is. It’s supposed to be a world where magic meets science. And yet while the visuals can make an impressive half, the other half just feels too much like science fiction instead of an actually balanced blend. That’s a magic gun? I thought it was Apple’s next product. I mean at least Wizard Barristers presented magic in a way that was a lot more straightforward. In the world of Mahouka, spells are reduced to mere computer coding. Good God, shit like this is the reason why I dumped Computer Science back in college. Give me a good, old-fashioned mix of imagination, fear-inducing…