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After Two Years of Travel, Here is What I Learned

Originally posted on Travellers:
It’s been no secret that I’ve spent a majority of the last two years traveling around. What began as a harmless summer volunteer job at an activity centre in southern Ireland slowly turned into a bigger and more profound journey then I could have ever imagined. Between here and there more has happened than I can fit into one post. Both good and bad. I put school on a two year hold. Lost some friends but gained many others in the process. Put a little debt under my belt. Had the pleasure to visit many places I’d only dreamed of. And somewhere along the line I fell in love with my future wife. Through the highs and the lows I’ve grown and learned much about the world around me, including myself. But after thinking much about what has happened over the last two years I’ve boiled down many smaller lessons into grander themes that have been impactful on my way of thinking and life. ___________ Growing up and starting ones life doesn’t…