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NYFW Recap #4 of 4 – Raquel Allegra SS16 Presentation

Originally posted on letsgetfisico:
The last show of the week that I was able to go to was the Raquel Allegra SS16 Presentation. This presentation was located at the Industria Superstudios again, but this time in a more spacious studio. Although it was Raquel Allegra‘s first NYFW show, she presented with the quality of a seasoned-designer. Her pieces for SS16 carried a vintage theme with splashes of tie-dye prints. Almost every outfit composed of deconstructed layers and fabrics of silk and linen. The models were circled around an original-designed mandala by Briana Sophia Young, which centered the studio, and the colors of the mandala blended perfectly with the SS16 line. The bright tie-dye hues made the room feel alive and added energy to the crowd. Of attendance was actress Marisa Tomei. I was able to snap a picture of her with the star of the show, designer Raquel Allegra. Below are some pictures of the presentation! Click an image to see images in a slideshow. That wraps up my NYFW recap series! I look forward to next year’s NYFW…

No, Winnie: I Don’t Feel “Loved” When White People Steal Our Culture

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
Le sigh. This weekend was one of healing. I got over 20 hours of sleep, lined my pockets in overtime pay, and cleaned up both my room and iTunes library to perfection. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and re-nourished. And then I came across a debilitating article that reminded me that, despite my restful weekend, I still live in a world where the most oppressed of us lack personal ownership, cultural authority, or a critical analysis that centers our existence with no apology or compromise. Winnie Harlow, the Canadian-born Black model who lives with vitiligo — a chronic skin condition that causes discoloration — took a major L in dopeness when she (basically) said that cultural appropriation is a sign of love, unicorns, and rainbows. Ever since gaining international recognition as a conspicuous standout in an industry notorious for its eurocentric beauty standards, Winnie Harlow has become a martyr of sorts — with many viewing her ascension and visibility as a mark against the suffocating status quo. Some…