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Real People

Originally posted on Pos+ Casts:
I love seeing the “real” in people. I do not care about the face that they put on for the outside world. I do not care who they know, where they have been, or where they are from. I want to know how those things shaped them into who they are now. What do/did they get out of meeting those people or experiencing those thing. Everyone has a level of depth. I like to see how deep they can go. What is the truest version of this person? What is real? What are they putting on for show? What makes them tick? Do they have passions? What are their fears? I want to learn about them. I want to know. I want to see the madness, and the insanity inside of them. I want to see our similarities and differences. I want to hear their opinions and thoughts. To see what they love and how they would react. Everything that they are afraid to let out, I want to know. I want…

Expectations Suck

Originally posted on Pos+ Casts:
I am a classic people pleaser. I don’t know how it happened or why I do it but I can not help but want to please everyone. I don’t mind it most of the time because I get an immense amount of gratification from it. I like that the people around me are happy. It makes me really happy too. I want everyone to be having a good time so I help facilitate it. I also know how most of my close friends will react to certain situations or what they are sensitive about so I try my hardest to cater to their needs. The problem that most people see with being a people pleaser is that you forget about yourself. Which I sometimes have a habit of doing but I honestly don’t mind. Hell, sometimes I don’t even notice. The major problem that I face or the thing that gets to me the most is when expectations arise. Because I do all of these things for people over and…