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7 Lessons Learned in Maui

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
This was my second time visiting Maui, and yet when I got there, there was a lot of  “Oh yeah, I remember that now” or “Wow yeah, that is a Maui thing!”. So here are my “lessons learned” from this last vacation. Although, it maybe should be more like “things remembered”. There are so many things I love about island life and so many things I always try to remember for our next trip! 1. No lotion or Chapstick My most favorite thing about the island! There’s so much moisture that you never need to put on lotion and I think I used my chapstick all of 2 times while we were there. Everything is perfectly moisturized all the time! It’s fabulous. 2. Everyone can pull off the beachy hippy hair It’s my favorite when I don’t have to style my hair! It’s too humid so curling or straightening is kind of too much of an effort. And plus at some point in the day…