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Manners Can Kill

Originally posted on Asha Seth:
Apparently, manners and I don’t get along well. Don’t look so surprised. Not yet. Save it up for what comes next. If you’ve been following this blog you’d already know that I have never been the best kid in the world. Blame the generation gap, blame me, and blame whoever you like. But that’s that. For one, I love to be left alone by which I mean I am the last person who would willingly invite or visit people, let alone be hospitable. And my parents have never been able to understand why. Usually, when I am supposed to meet visitors at home (which, by the way, I hate most), I do it for the sake of my parents and yeah, also because who later wants to go through endless hours of exhausting verbal tyranny of sorts. All the smiles, the greetings, if only the visitors knew how fake all of it was, they’d never again show up. Yeah, go ahead, call me an antisocial shrew. Now, the biggest problem…