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Simple in the City: Where to Live

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: cities aren’t all just cement and buildings, and rural areas aren’t all just cornfields or desert. There’s so much variation throughout every landscape that you can make just about anything out of just about anywhere. So once you decide where to live (there aso many great cities to choose from), you have to decide exactly where to live within that space. And if you’re looking to keep things simple, the cheapest area is not always the most ideal. So what should you look for in a city dwelling? Location This is honestly my top priority, especially in a city like Los Angeles. I know so many people with 45+ minute commutes each way – and it’s not a peaceful one, either. It may take some fancy financial footwork, but living as close as you can to your work and everyday needs will save you more than it costs in the long run. We managed to find an apartment that is surrounded by grocery stores, cafes…

The Ultimate Foodporn: Eggslut in DTLA

Originally posted on The Love Pug:
When I first discovered Eggslut on Instagram, I was surprised that Heaven on Earth had such a raunchy name. Nestled in Downtown LA just near the Fashion District, this popular sandwich stand is the perfect place to find some good, dirty #yolkporn. Sure, the menu is small and yes, you will probably have to wait in a line that wraps around the entire kitchen. But Eggslut is the kind of place that you have to try at least once. And that’s coming from someone who has probably ventured to DTLA maybe half a dozen times in her entire life. This teeny open restaurant is located in the Grand Central Market, along with everything from fresh produce to an organic coffee stand to authentic Mexican mole sauce. I definitely recommend bringing a few people not only so you can order more things, but so while someone waits in line you can stroll through the market and scope out the other delicious foods available. Plus the guy who works at the coffee…

Day 14: Los Angeles

Originally posted on Trekking Together:
We left the campground at 8am and headed to LA for our last day together! We had a quick drive through the campus of UCLA before stopping somewhere in Beverly Hills for some lunch. I had a Taco Bell, my first taste of American fast-food, and it was great! We then went on a drive around all the massive Beverly Hills mansions. We saw the Playboy mansion, and whilst we were there a UPS van pulled up, so we got to see the gates opening up. None of us went inside though, in case we were ambushed by security! The Playboy Mansion Beverly Hills Next stop was Rodeo Drive and all the expensive designer stores. The grand looking building reminded me a bit of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. I’ve made quite a few comparisons of places in California to Harry Potter, so I am pretty sure that JK got some inspiration from the Gold Coast! Either that, or I’m just a bit obsessed with Harry Potter. I wanted to…

The Art Of Contrast

Originally posted on A Couple Talks:
For better or worse, I’m an LA guy. I was born and raised here, having never lived anywhere else. When I hear people say disparaging things about Los Angeles, I get defensive. “People are so fake here,” or “The transportation is horrible,” they might say. The thing is, I know these things, but you are not allowed to say them since you’re on the outside. It’s like when a man fights with his girlfriend and busts out the line, “Jesus, are you on your period?” He very well may be right, but still, what the hell does he know about the menstrual cycle? On a side note, living with Emily, I’ve learned a thing or two about that, and trust me, you’d rather not know. Another opinion that’s thrown out about Los Angeles is that it’s a haven for artists, and more specifically, the struggling artist. This is definitely true, as Emily and I spent our weekend around the art of LA. My brother, an artist himself, had a private show…

Day 1: LA/San Diego

Originally posted on Trekking Together:
Tom and I arrived onto American soil (or tarmac) late on Wednesday the 22nd of July, and we were eager to start our Trek America adventure the following morning. We were up bright and early on the Thursday, ready to meet our trek group at 7:30am. I was a little bit apprehensive about meeting everyone at first – I’d read blog posts about Trek America before coming and some mentioned that one awkward person on the trek who hogged all the wifi and charger points, and who didn’t pull their weight in camp. But I soon saw I had nothing to worry about, everyone was super friendly, and throughout the trek everybody did their bit in camp whether it was the cooking or cleaning, and there were no arguments over who got to charge their phone on the van! After a slight delay, because our trek leader got caught in LA traffic, we were on the road to San Diego! It was about a two to three hour drive, and even though…

Final Week

Originally posted on Trekking Together:
I am writing this from a hotel in Manhattan Beach – the final destination of our holiday! Tom and I both had the most amazing time on the trek. With every single location offering memorable experiences, from the bright lights of Vegas to the ridiculous temperatures of Death Valley (seriously, it was about 54 degrees Celsius). My personal favourite place was Yosemite, and San Diego a close second (although I would loved to have seen much more of the city). Originally my plan was to write blog posts along the way as we travelled through West America. But a combination of a jam packed schedule and a lack of WiFi has meant I haven’t been able to. However, I have been keeping a detailed journal, so once I am back in the UK I will be able to write in depth posts accompanied by some pretty brilliant photos!

Colatris App

Many professionals are constantly starting and attempting to expand their businesses into larger markets. There is a very big barrier that can prevent this. No, not just money. Language. The ability to translate the marketing for your product can make or break your ability to expand. Enter Colatris. This app was designed by founders Josh Deffibaugh, Albert Eloyan, and A.J. Cihla. On the product website Colatris is described as: A fully automated, in-context translation solution for software. The tool enables global market reach while saving you hours every month. The app is still growing, but it comes highly recommended. Find out more about the app on their website. Like our blog? Check us out on Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest!