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The Internet Is Making Us Lonely

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Likes, favorites, retweets, comments, and all those weird emotion things Facebook just added. We live for instant gratification. It’s not because we’re selfish, it’s because of the Internet. It’s because we not only have to look great in person but we also have to look great online. There is more than one impression to make and you never know when you are going to have to make it. You know when you’re going out to a bar to meet up with all your friends and look for cute guys. But, you never know when someone’s going to request you as a friend on Facebook or follow you on Insta. You could make a great first impression in person, but might totally bomb when your first impression online is break up quotes and pictures of wine. It always looks like everyone else is having so much fun. They add all of their vacation pictures to an album for the world to see. They Instagram the amazing brunch they’re having that Saturday…

I’m Indecisive.

Originally posted on Of life she writes.:
I’m indecisive. Because last time, I told myself I needed a break. Last time, I told myself that I could do it on my own. That I was fine alone and that I didn’t need anyone For anything. And then he came along and showed me why I was lying to myself. He came along and gave me companionship. He gave me love He gave me friendship and warmth and bliss. But he also gave me disappointment and insecurities and a feeling of self doubt. He was a rose. Roses have thorns. And I got cut trying to move the roses into the vase by my bedside table. My fingers started bleeding and the pain did not fade. So here we are. One question, and only my answer. I’m afraid. ? I’m exhausted. I’m not sure. Sure, I like plenty of flowers and plenty of flowers would love to sit in the vase beside my bed. But my trauma comes from pain and I’m just starting to see…

Things Shy People Hate.

Originally posted on Chitchat:
things shy people hate. Being introduced as shy.? Stop. Just don’t do it. Do you think that person is unable to recognise someone’s personality traits alone? By doing this, you forbid them from being anything but shy, making it like they are contradicting or betraying you if they even try to be openly excited, or loud, or even happy. Not inviting them to places because you think they won’t enjoy it.? There is a 67% possibility that they will say no but then there is also a 33% chance they will say yes and if you don’t even try to ask them then it will just make them think that you don’t want to hang out with them and make them retreat into their turtle shells. Being asked, “Why are you so shy?” I don’t why I am shy, if I did I wouldn’t be. While I figure out my life, please don’t keep pestering me with why’s because it just reminds me of my flaws and let’s me know it’s…