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Sort It Out: Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

Originally posted on A Venturing Girl:
Wardrobes can be frightening places if we let them. Sure, they’re just there to store your clothes, shoes, hats etc. But let’s be real, they’re so much more. Your wardrobe is the place you go first thing in the morning to choose what image you’re going to put out to the world. It’s the place where you know you’re comfy pj’s are waiting at the end of the long day. Or THAT dress when you’re getting ready to hit the town. Your wardrobe is – like your home and all of your possessions really – a reflection of how you view yourself. And at times we can look at our wardrobes with feelings of shame,disgust and – my personal favorite – crippling indecisiveness (this happens to me about once a month, ladies, you know). So what has my wardrobe been reflecting lately? Well, until recently, if you looked at my wardrobe, Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2 probably would have sprung to mind. When I got home after New…

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Originally posted on 2 Classy Sisters:
Valentine’s Day is coming fast, which means time is running out to get your loved one the perfect gift! I definitely understand the struggle of trying to figure out what gift to give so I decided to give you some suggestions with a gift guide! These are some helpful gift ideas for both him & her. For Him Yeti Tumbler Boxers Personalized Whiskey Decanter Watch Personlized Wallet For Her Purse Wallet Jewelry Candle Gift card for Massage Hopefully this gift guide was helpful and gave you some ideas!  Let me know what you’re getting your special someone for Valentine’s Day in the comments below! -Rachel

My Top 5 Vegan iPhone APPS

Hi Everyone! My second post for Top 5 Monday!!!! I wanted to share the Vegan apps that I use most frequently, these Apps make my life easier when I am traveling or when I just don’t know what the hell I am doing… so here we go! HappyCow ($2.99) Every time someone says, lets go eat I whip this APP out…  It is a great vegan and vegan friendly restaurant guide, developed by It has an interactive map that uses your location and tells you where the local vegan places around you are! it even tells you if they are open or closed!!!  I love this App especially when I go to a new City! its awesome! 2. VeganXpress ($1.99) This is A great App for those times when you are desperate to find something to eat and all you have around you are Big Chain restaurants or fast food places…. or your friends really wanted to go to a restaurant and you have no choice… this App lets you know what Vegan options that restaurants offer…if…

How to Save Yourself Money on Your Overseas Phone Bill

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
Once upon a time, I had a near $400 phone bill that I ended up paying in full. True story. It was the first time I’d gone to the Netherlands in 2013. I didn’t exactly ‘plan’ to use my cellphone. After all, coming from North America, I so conveniently assumed that Europe would be dotted with many wi-fi hotspots like North America. The truth is, not so much – if I recall correctly, the hostel I was staying at had spotty wi-fi and this was before the time I’d figured out how to download maps on Google Maps. So I literally had to run everything on roaming data (big opps!) lest I got lost somewhere. And even with my data on, I roamed into some highly questionable alleyways in Amsterdam. Oh yes, misadventures. Now fast forward 2015, I’m armed with more knowledge than before and I’m smart enough to research ahead of time. 1. Pre-purchase roaming data plan: It’s aways good to check with your…

How to Measure Progress and Produce Results

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
“But I spent so much time on it!” Is something I hear often. But wait, what does that mean? Does it mean you spent: ‘x number of hours on a project while surfing the web and checking your email every five minutes’ or do you mean, ‘I crammed it for x amount of hours the night before’ or do you mean, ‘I went to work for eight hours and snoozed through most of it,’ or is it,’I sat down with myself everyday, for an hour and tried my hardest to work on this project.’ Time is the real universal currency (if you think about it). How you decide to spend your time is then reflected in every area of your life (think about it). We are all given the same 24 hours and surely, there’s effective and ineffective ways of allocating your time for a purpose – or even multi-purposes. Time is a factor in productivity – however, the relationship isn’t linear by any means.…