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Perfect Soundtrack for Squat Day

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How do you get extra motivation to workout? For me, looking at the constant stream of fitness Instagram accounts I follow is both great and awful. Sometimes when scrolling through my feed, it’s hard not to just think, “it’s impossible to look like them,” and skip my workout and eat cookies instead. A better way to find motivation to workout? Scoring the ultimate playlist to get you excited, keep you moving and help you get?lost in the music. Look no further for this epic playlist: Full playlist on 8Tracks here. Anaconda -?Nicki Minaj Ass Back Home RemixAss Back Home Remix -?Timeflies Trap Queen?– Fetty Wap Country Girl Remix?-?Luke Bryan x Finatticsz x Dash Tesher Ass -?Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Whistle x Payphone Remix – Abzy All About That Bass – Timeflies Booty Remix -?Jennifer Lopez ft Iggy Azalea Bubble Butt -?Major Lazer x Tyga x Mysti

How Do You Split Your Workouts?

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Working out doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated, but that’s not saying it can’t be! So, today, I wanted to make a post with a slightly different style. Today’s post is a question. I’m going out on a limb here hoping for a response but here is my question: How do you split your workouts? Also, what is your reasoning behind this? This applies to all of you, even those of you who mostly stick to cardio or yoga. Do you have days where you work out at a harder intensity? Do you have arm days?? I’ll go first. I typically work legs on Sundays, I do chest and back on Mondays, and arms on Tuesdays. I repeat this on Wednesday through Friday, and take Saturdays off. So it’s like this: Sunday: Legs Monday: Chest and Back Tuesday: Arms(bicep, tricep, forearms) Wednesday: Legs Thursday: Chest and Back Friday: Arms again Saturday: Rest I throw cardio in at the end of all of my workouts, so I don’t really…

1000-a-day Recover Workout Challenge.

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? 1000-a-day recovery challenge Light weights and lots of reps is how I’m rolling this week- who’s with me? The only equipment you will need is: – a fitness/yoga mat and –  light dumbbells of your choice. I am borrowing dumbbells so using 2kgs  and 4kgs dumbbells as that was what I could get my hands on. But it is not necessarily about the weight we are lifting, but the reps and fatigue we are causing the muscles by training them continuously. 1000 CHALLENGE: – 100x bicep curls – 100x front raises – 100x forward punches – 100x shoulder press – 100x tricep kickbacks (50x each arm) – 100x standing oblique crunch (50x each side) – 100x squats – 100x donkey kicks (50x each leg) – 100x sit ups – 100x alternate heel touches (abs)

Day: Going to the loo is squat I don’t need right now…

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I know I said that I wouldn’t begin my health kick until after the Bank Holiday, but turns out the urge beat me! Yesterday morning I managed to roll my wide load out of my comfy bed, to embark upon a 50 minute power walk (YES – 50 MINUTES! Admittedly I did not think the chosen route would take that long, but in true Snacks style, I didn’t give up. Never. Give. Up). I then followed this long walk in the drizzling rain (yeah, I know – even the weather tried to put me off)  and lifted weights, maybe throwing in a few weighted squats and lunges, oh and finishing off by punching the face of a few boxing pads. It was more than satisfying – when in doubt, or stressed, or wanting to let off steam… PUNCH SOMETHING. HARD. Admittedly throughout the whole workout, I was like “I can’t really feel this hurting anywhere – maybe I’m not working hard enough!” Yeah. So. Sitting on the toilet this morning was fun.…