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Cookies + Sangria | Traci Doromal & Molly Dougherty

We met in high school, thanks to the alphabetizing system teachers have been using since the 1800s to seat kids in their desks for homeroom. We’ve always found the same things were funny, and in 2013 we started Cookies + Sangria hoping that other people had the same sensibilities. Now we live on opposite sides of the country and – just like passing notes in homeroom back in 2002 – we use the blog to share the things we think are funny with each other and our internet friends.

The Ugly Truth

Originally posted on Confessions of 2 broke girls:
Fun fact about me: I hate growing up. I know everyone does at some point or another, but it can really suck sometimes. Everyone changes at different paces and no one knows how to deal with it. Another fun fact: I get jealous. And again, I know everyone does, but jealousy seems to be a root cause of my issues with growing up. I HATE looking on Instagram and Facebook and seeing all the engagements. I HATE seeing everyone traveling and having the time of their lives while I work and go to class everyday. But mostly, I HATE when people get all the attention. (I know, I’m a five year old who needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her.) Everyone thinks these things, I’m just the one to say them out loud. No one likes it when other people get the limelight. I keep telling myself that my time will come and everyone will get to be jealous of how awesome I really am,…