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Lakes District

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With the weather cooling down, our next stop on our travels was the Lakes District of England. We drove firstly to a town called Heysham where we stayed with friends for the next few days. They lived right next to Morecombe Bay, a beautiful expanse of water, bordered by lush green hills on one side, and a nuclear power plant on the other… we just looked towards the green side! On our first full day there we got our history on and visited Hadrian’s Wall and an incredible archaeological site called Vindolanda. This area was so lush and green with a few farm houses scattered far apart. One thing I noticed about England’s countryside is that everything is owned by someone and sectioned off neatly by a fence or hedge. Looking from the top of a hill or from a plane it looks like a patchwork quilt of slightly varying shades of green, some striped where it had been ploughed. Even the woods of tall trees were bordered and ended…