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Post-College: The English Major

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“Post-College” is a series of blog posts featuring everyday young people as their work to achieve the life and career that they dreamed of. Few of them find themselves in places that they mapped out and most of them are okay with that. Andrea Acosta is a 23 year old English Teaching Fellow at Phillips Academy Andover. What did your life after school look like? After six months in the office job at the non-profit (a job I started a week after graduation), there was actually a long stretch of time (6 months) where I was just living at home. At the time, it was frustrating and boring, but in retrospect that time was invaluable. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on people, especially just out of college, to move fast into your next job, next city, next career step. But honestly, I took those six months to sit down and do my applications slowly (not rushed), take my graduate school exams (without the stress of a job and…

jReshea & and the Bermuda Triangle: Being authentic in your work

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This post was inspired by VidCon’s 2015 conference, specifically a panel on race & representation on Youtube. For some of the vloggers, their race and culture is as inherent to their “work” as their personalities are. For others, it’s a little hazier than that. There’s no question though that race has played some part in the content these creatives put out, whether it’s putting out content that defies what people expect of them or breaking or using their platform to advocate around the issues they feel are important. Here’s the video for it. The video got me thinking about how hard it is for me to break out of the thinking that I can or should only write about certain topics and that I should stay away from others. I have so many interests, beliefs, opinions, ect. On the one hand, I want to plaster my linkedIn profile with the fact that I babysit and volunteer at an animal shelter but it’s not like my future employers would care too much…