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Make Your Intentions Known

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
Let us start this week with a story. Steve met Tanya at a bar. Tanya was with her girlfriends on a girls night out. Steve was with his colleagues after work. The two groups decided to hang out the rest of the night. During their conversation, they discovered that they both like the same author. Steve thought Tanya is cute and interesting. Before the end of the night, everyone exchanges their numbers and agreed to meet up for drinks again soon. A week later, Steve happened to chance upon a new book by their favorite author and he texted Tanya. Tanya was excited and met Steve at the bookstore to buy the book. Both of them agreed to read the book and meet up for coffee one week later. This became a routine, Steve will introduce her a new book and they will meet up to discuss. Soon they joined a neighborhood book readers club together and met regularly once or twice a week to talk about the books they read.…