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Movie Review – ‘Brooklyn’ is Perfectly Pleasant and More!

Originally posted on Ice the Burn:
I went in knowing nothing about this film. I googled the film, saw that Rotten Tomatoes had a 99% approval rating, IMDB had 8/10 and Metacritic had around 87%. Naturally I figured this film would be good, but I had no idea in what regard, so I didn’t go in with many expectations except knowing that I would probably like it. And I did. It seems like a very simple film – Immigrant comes to New York, adjusts to life, meets a boy, then the plot eventually thickens. But the whole process seemed more meaningful and relevant – particularly due to problems with immigration today and how they never truly end just after a person gets admitted into a country. There are several elements to it – adjusting to culture, dealing with homesickness, and meeting new people. Brooklyn offers that and more with a plot set in the 1950s and a wide array of characters that offer moments of different tones that keep the audience entertained in multiple ways. So here…

My Study Playlist :

Originally posted on The HardKnock Diaries:
As promised, I am back with another college related post. With the semester officially in full swing, I must find ways to improve my study patterns and perfect my overall study environment. To study, I enjoy using the Songza app because of it’s amazing variety of music genres to choose from. My favorite category to listen to is the “Today’s Indie R&B Unwind”. I hope this playlist will encourage you to expand your musical interests and expand your tastes beyond the standard songs played on the radio a million times a day. (Don’t we all grow tired of them?) Note: These songs are songs with lyrics for when I am studying content that does not require reading or memorization. For example, I will listen to these songs when I am in my first stage of studying such as retaking notes or skimming. Stay tuned for my ideal study list containing instrumentals or classical music for an intense study session. My Study Playlist: 1.) Jhene Aiko – To Love &…


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A challenging dramedy in more ways than one. A promising cast reprieve a surprisingly patchy affair. High schooler Greg (Thomas Mann), who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl (RJ Cryler), finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate (Olivia Cooke) who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I’m not going to lie. I was left wanting and a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s highly watchable BUT the tone and pace was all over the place. From the strange opening sequence, I was scratching my head. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the Jesse Andrews novel. This film has certainly made me want to seek it out. Just to see if I was missing out on something. The strange animation reminded me of a Wes Anderson pic. Never a bad thing. We watch as an animated Greg chomps spaghetti while the “hot girl from Pussy Riot” serenades him by playing the harp. In a nutshell, we were being introduced to the…

Songs of the Week 18: July 12 – July 18

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#5. Vice Feat. Gary Pine & Shayon THEHITMAN- Find A Way (Kayliox Remix) // I am a sucker for a catchy verse, especially on anthemic dance numbers. Can’t ignore the nice beach/summer theme either. #4. Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Addal Remix) // This is a very… consistent… song. It’s 4 minutes of what feels like some sad sucker on a hopeless chase for something they’ll never get. There aren’t any highs or lows, no big drops or catchy hooks… just steady goodness and a great for late-night cruising. #3. Obey City Feat. Kelela – Airy I’ve been a fan of Kelela for a while now, but this may be the first time I’ve heard her as a featured vocalist on a track (I’m sure it’s not her first feature, I’m just too lazy to research it). It’s it too punny to claim how much I love the “airy” sound of this track? Cause that’s exactly what it is. Airy and atmospheric. #2. A R I Z O N…

Music: Rising Hype Site

I have nothing at all against mainstream music. However, it doesn’t always my quench my thirst and desire to explore a variety of styles, sounds, and genres. With that being said, I like to explore new/rising artists as well. I haven’t been able to find too many websites that do this well. One that I stumbled upon the other day is Rising Hype. Rising Hype allows artists to upload their videos and songs in order to increase exposure to current and potential fans. It enables members to combine their materials across various social media platforms in one place. The catch? It focuses on hip hop. I listen to a bit of hip hop, but the site would definitely be stronger if it featured a variety of genres. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s not a bad place to start. Know of similar sites? Share your thoughts or suggestions below or send them to G.U.M Team

Artists to Know: Ryn Weaver | EXCLUSIVE: Full review of Ryn Weaver’s debut album “The Fool”

Originally posted on The Indiecept:
by Glenn Greenday Included in material provided to The Indiecept by former Musical Security Agency (MSA) leaker Edward Snowpatrol was an early copy of Ryn Weaver’s The Fool. Here is our track-by-track review: The sound of the Ryn Weaver machine starting up. That’s what you hear at the beginning of “Runaway”, the opening track off The Fool, the anticipated debut album of the rising star born Erin Wüthrich. Like a sort of vocal warm-up, Weaver wails wordlessly over a staticky soundscape of digital delay and feedback that gives way to a lyrical leitmotif: If it takes two I’m betting on you To hold me tight When tides are high What’ll you do? I’m waiting on you To dry these tears You made my cry This momentary vulnerability fades quickly into the tribal beat of the song “Runaway” proper, already a minute into the track. Perhaps the most sonically adventurous and surprising cut on the album, it signals its ambition. Her voice, usually a sweeter Florence Welch warble, sounds fierce. Evoking a primal postapocalyptic heroine (“Feet…