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Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
“Nice guys finish last.” Why do I always hear that? There is some sort of stereotype in the world that says girls like to be treated like dirt, so they intentionally find the guys that are going to hurt them and ignore all of those wonderful ‘nice guys’ who are pining for them. First of all: no one in the world wants to be treated poorly. Not girls, not guys – at least, not on purpose. A girl won’t ignore you, not date you, or friendzone you just because you’re nice.  There are other factors involved such as: she doesn’t think you’re attractive, you act too much like a friend, you don’t have any sort of challenge or spark to you.  This isn’t personal – we’re all attracted to different types of people and you’re just not that person’s type. Of course we want someone who is going to be nice to us.  But we don’t want someone who reminds us of our brother. Protective is great, but family-like is not.…

Better Than a Dream. 

Originally posted on Of life she writes.:
I dreamt I didn’t know you.? My heart hurt.? Because the real me knew that I do know you.? That I more than know you.? That I love you.? The awake me knows what you like for breakfast.? That you love the peanut butter cookies from subway (warmed up for 20 seconds)? That you love bacon and cheese on your burgers and that you don’t like the fake tres leches cake that they sell at the bakeries.? Your love of pizza is like the same as mine and I love our restaurant “research” to find the best pizza places. The sleeping me knew that the awake me knew you.? And she hurt.? She hurt so bad that you weren’t there.? Somethin g was missing.? It was you.? She was sad and she moped around with the old version of herself. The version she hated. The version that nobody liked.? She was the version of herself that she hated and that she worked so hard to get rid of.…