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Should Religion Have a Place in Government?

Originally posted on Millennial:
Millennial writer Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig recently spoke at the Yale Political Union, arguing the negative position on the resolution: “religion has no place in government.” Here is a small segment of her speech: I’ll now turn to the idea that religion ought to have a place in government…. There are several reasons why. The first is that law both expresses and enforces certain moral truths which cannot be divorced from broader moral systems, and for the religious — those sharing communities of some overwhelming concern — it’s disingenuous nigh impossible to deliberate on what truths the law should express without citing their religious priors. And this, secondly, allows their co-religionists to hold them responsible for their claims. The tendency of liberal societies to bifurcate religion and politics into two separate spheres — one private, one public — encourages religious participants in political deliberation to equivocate somewhat about their motives and beliefs, as it’s not really possible in that political context to interrogate them. Yet it should be. As long as the religious…

Why Sanders Won’t Save Us

Originally posted on subversiveopinions:
Democratic-nominee hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders has sparked an almost intensely impressive response from Left-leaning individuals and organizations in the last few months. His casual use of the word ‘socialism,’ presented not only as a positive term but as a self-description, has won the hearts and minds of many of the Left who had become enraged by the disappointing presidency of Barack Obama. Sanders touches on many of the issues consuming the American political discourse taking arguably centrist positions on areas of modern life in the United States other politicians purposefully ignore: income inequality (Sanders speaks in the language of the 99% vs the 1%), police brutality (Sanders openly supports expansive police reforms), and gender equality (Sanders supports abortion right, closing the pay gap, and gay and trans rights). The most impressive part of Sanders’ campaign, however, is his ability to take on (if only in the most minor ways) the ‘billionaire class’ and run on almost entirely small donations. However, no matter how exciting it may be to hear these positions…

Voting with Our Feet (and other essential body parts)

Originally posted on Jinny's Occasional Poems:
Voting with Our Feet (and other essential body parts)   —by Jinny Batterson Recent retirees like me get a lot of health-related information—mailers, email reminders, targeted Internet advertising.  Fairly often, these messages tout the benefits of regular exercise. Walking gets mentioned a lot—helps our circulation, requires little special equipment, can be done anywhere, anytime. So, even in the heat of summer, I try to keep up a regular walking routine. Over the past several seasons, I’ve been doing a good bit of more targeted walking, too, participating in protest marches and fundraisers for causes I think are important.  One of those is global climate change; another is voting. Last September, I joined hundreds of thousands in New York City to draw global attention both to the problems we’re creating with our profligate use of fossil fuels and to possible alternatives, including the low-tech, available-to-nearly-everyone switch to walking more and using our vehicles less. I got a walker’s high moving along with the varied and huge crowd around me,…