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Ralph gave me his last Rolo – 2nd June 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Tuesday 2ndRalph still likes me anyway. You know off the advert when it says, “Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo?” Well, Ralph gave me his last Rolo after school. He came up to me and said, “There’s my last Rolo, just for you.” I thought that was really sweet and I couldn’t stop smiling for ages. People must have thought I was a right nutter, grinning away to myself like that! I saved the packet. Sad, I know. → BYE!

A girl from work

Originally posted on Just my humble life:
There is a girl at work, like me she is there for the summer. And I don’t particularly like her… It’s just that she is very slow. I will admit that I am not the quickest person ever. I’m the kind of person who needs to just do everything their own way and in their own time. However, when I’ve become used to it I get a lot faster. But she is so annoying slow, and it can get quite busy, so everybody will need to move very fast otherwise people will have to wait a long time for food. But she seems very unfocused on that. Also, she complains a lot, which is getting on my nerves a bit, because even though I might complain on this blog about stuff, in real life I’m just like ‘I’m fine’ On a different note, the weather is finally great again, so I ate some delicious ice cream! And bought some fresh strawberry from this little fruit stall near my work.…