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Sneak Preview: Joconde Cakes.

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Call it what you want: ‘multi-tiered‘ or ‘multi-layered‘. It is still a ‘cake‘. | Photo by La Bamboche Weddings. When I was introduced to someone who bakes macarons, little did I know that she bakes joconde cakes too! Otherwise known as ‘opera cakes‘. Yep. I only knew this recently and with that little titbit of knowledge, I made an order for a slice of green tea and black sesame flavoured joconde cake, on top of having three more macarons delivered to my home. Let me tell you a bit about these multi-layered cakes, and once I have eaten it, I will share my experiences with you. Until then, here is a short history of the joconde cake: According to Wikipedia: The joconde cake is a French type of cake, and can also be called an ‘opéra cake’. It is made using several thin layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, before being covered in a chocolate glaze. According to Larousse…

Eggs-cellent meal at Olivier Bistro

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Brunch is my favorite meal during the weekends. The only downside is a lot of places have long waits. The wait to get a table at Olivier Bistro wasn’t that bad on a Saturday around 11/11:30am. It was after being seated that the wait got almost unbearable, more on that later… The food at Olivier’s was pretty good. I am more of a savory gal when it comes to my entrée and then I like to split something sweet on the side with my friends, usually either pancakes or waffles. We all got some eggs in our dishes. I looove eggs in all forms: scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached, hardboiled, baked, as omelet, quiche, etc. Seriously all forms. When I was younger though, raw egg yolk squicked me out. But now I love popping that yolk and dipping my toast in it. I ordered the Feuillete De Tomate ($14), which was a puff pastry with tomato marmalade, olives, anchovies, and goat cheese topped off with a poached egg. I really…