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16 Places to Visit in 2016

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Struggling to decide where to go next or where to pop on your never ending bucket list? Then here are some places that deserve some attention this year. 2016 is set to be a big year for many countries across the globe with world events such as the Olympic Games, new and exciting infrastructure being built and special anniversaries to be celebrated. Here, I’ve listed the ‘go-to’ places for the coming year and why this year will be a special time to visit them. Havana, Cuba Source Traveling to Cuba – especially to the capital of Havana – is like stepping back in time. Old architecture, antique looking shops, colourful homes and classic cars from the 50’s make this city rare and unique. Thanks to the tumultuous relationship between Cuba and the USA, Cuba has yet to be introduced to much Americanisation, keeping its unique culture very much alive. Since the countries have since restored ties in 2015 that is likely to change, so get there quick while it’s still stuck in a time warp.…

Arles, Nice, Monaco and the death of my phone

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So, after a drive that felt like forever – this coach is fine, its got music, A/C, but after being on it for 7 plus hours it feels like a prison – we pulled up to our “campsite” in the South of France. We did have one stop in a place called Arles, which is a neat little town where apparently Van Gogh lived for a year and also has a Roman forum. Its called a camping hotel – its cabins, and every two cabins had a shared bathroom, with 2 people to a cabin.  I think its fine in terms of accomdations – it was clean, showers worked, and the food was good – though I’d certainly go no rougher. The first night we had diner, and then some of the group went down to the beach, which I refrained from because I was feeling pretty sick. I headed into bed early, and man was it warm that night – I woke up in the…

Chateau Fontainebleau and melting in Thieze

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So, we left Paris yesterday an began the trek to Thieze which is just outside of Lyon in the south of France in an area called the Beaujolais wine region. To break up the trip, we stopped at Chateau Fontainebleau on the way there, which was the royal summer home when they just couldn’t handle the hardships of Versailles anymore 😉 The library honestly was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this trip! Then, after what felt like forever we finally pulled into Thieze and the Contiki Chateaux Criuz where we did a wine tasting. I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t try any but it was a cool talk, and the cheese and crackers were amazing 😉 This is the chateaux that we’re in: And this is our view: Which almost makes up for the fact it is meltingly hot here! I punked out on the picinic “walk” once I realized it was a hike, and chilled by the pool instead, which I beleive…