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Want us to follow you? Or be featured?

We’re always looking for millennials to follow. In order for us to follow you the criteria is simple: Be a Millennial Be an avid blogger What do we mean by an avid blogger? We want to see that you’re planning to blog more than three times before you leave the blogging world for six months to forever. Put up a few posts and then come our way! We’re happy to follow. If your blog doesn’t blatantly indicate that you’re a millennial, let us know and we’ll be sure to follow you! Once we follow you we’ll automatically start reblogging your posts on our site for all of our followers to see!   Want to be featured in our Millennial Bloggers section? We currently have 40 bloggers featured in our ‘Millennial Bloggers’ section. Features have ended for now. However we will resume on February 1st. In the meantime feel free to send questions to

A Sunny Place To Think | Soleil Porche

Hello there. You may call me Soleil. I’m your averagely-poor college student attending university to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Minor in French. Along with varying types of artwork (drawing, illustration, pen and ink, paint, etc.), I enjoy writing, singing and dancing sillily, and making life fun.