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How to Know You’re Getting Old in 8 Ways

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Obviously, I know, that at age 25 I am not old. I have a lot of life left and to fret about being old this early in the game is stupid. But sometimes I just look at things and think, “Oh God, am I getting old? I would never do that.” I can just feel the aging in moments like that.?Oh maybe that’s what they call maturing?! Maybe I am finally maturing! Wow, now I feel so fancy after that realization. Okay, so for the purpose of this post we’re going to stick with the idea that I’m getting old… 1. Talking in the movie theater The boyfriend and I went to see a movie a little bit ago, and the theater was pretty empty except for this group of teens and a few couples sprinkled throughout. Those kids had something to say at EVERY damn scene! I mean, when I was a kid, yeah, I liked to talk to my friends during the movie,…

Coffee; my ride or die.

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Today I was informed that my relationship with my barista is a lot more serious than most relationships you see all over Facebook. Im not sure whether I should be happy I get the best of both worlds; a single girl with serious commitment to a man who listens to me. Or depressed that my ride or die relationship is with the guy who makes my coffee and talks me out of ‘just one more croissant’ every day.

The Canteen: An Awesome Review.

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The crowd at the Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author. My Sunday began just like any other Sunday — oversleeping because I’ve slept far too late on Saturday night. How typical of me. No matter how many times I berate myself for having such awful sleeping habits, you can’t blame me either because I bust my chops on weekdays, sleeping early just so I can wake up early the next day for work. Naturally, I’d sleep in on weekends. But I will admit that waking up at mid day does take half my day away when I could be up and about, doing a million things before lunch. Nevertheless, my husband and I managed to rouse ourselves awake and shake the cobwebs from our heads. That question bugged us again though: “What shall we have for lunch?” Normally, my husband would go out and buy lunch back but today, I felt like having something different. I felt like going to a new place and trying a…

The Ugly Truth

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Fun fact about me: I hate growing up. I know everyone does at some point or another, but it can really suck sometimes. Everyone changes at different paces and no one knows how to deal with it. Another fun fact: I get jealous. And again, I know everyone does, but jealousy seems to be a root cause of my issues with growing up. I HATE looking on Instagram and Facebook and seeing all the engagements. I HATE seeing everyone traveling and having the time of their lives while I work and go to class everyday. But mostly, I HATE when people get all the attention. (I know, I’m a five year old who needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her.) Everyone thinks these things, I’m just the one to say them out loud. No one likes it when other people get the limelight. I keep telling myself that my time will come and everyone will get to be jealous of how awesome I really am,…

Why Can’t I Social Media?

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So obviously as part of the millennials I should be very proficient handling myself on all the little social sites. When in truth I have the skill on these sites equivalent to a stack of pancakes. I barely update status, tweeting is absurd to me and Instagram is still just a very fast measure of weight. I know how to use it and apply it towards businesses and how to advertise. Studied that and really learned how to get the hooks in in any possibly imagined. I just do not feel like using all of it for this blog. Doing advertising for this blog like I would a hardcore business position would just make it feel hollow. Over time I kinda learned I do not need people on here ever day I just want people to grow and I want to keep myself honest on my projects. Maybe, I can even do an opinion piece or tell a story. It has been slow as of late and as much…

Stolen: Funny Conversation on FB

A friend of mine posted this as their fb status and I had to share it with the world.  These are two people I was friends with in college. Let’s call them R and T. Two fellow millennials. T: R. We need to talk. R: Uh oh. What happened? T: *Deep sigh* I just broke a mirror. R: T. Did you pray about it? T: I’m praying now! Pray with me! R: I’ve broken many mirrors and I’m still thriving. T: You’re so right. *Sings* When Jesus sayyyy yes, nobody can say no! Ok. That’s all I wanted. Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei.

Seriously…Stop Being Lazy

Through the years I’ve had many friends ask me how I managed to accomplish (insert accomplishment). For example, I once compiled a list of favorite directors and producers, followed by a list of companies throughout LA. For each company I wrote down their number, email, point of contact (if there was someone designated), and their location. When internship season arrived… Internship season is the period in which one should start applying for internships. This should take place the season before you wish to partake in an internship. For example, if you intend to intern in the fall, you should start applying/looking the summer before, if not SOONER. When internship season arrived, I called around and inquired about when companies would start accepting applications, who I should email, and what I should send. I also looked up tips on questions to ask and how to greet each person I spoke to. Why am I telling you this? Well, many of my friends were impressed by this. There were many adults who were amazed by this initiative …