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Listen, when the silence speaks.

Originally posted on A Monologue of the Heart.:
  Listen, when the silence speaks It’s not in words that which you seek It lives in the quiet of the dawn And in the sunset once it’s gone It comes uncovered in the night When darkness sets, embracing light Listen, when the silence speaks It’s not in words that which you seek

I’m Indecisive.

Originally posted on Of life she writes.:
I’m indecisive. Because last time, I told myself I needed a break. Last time, I told myself that I could do it on my own. That I was fine alone and that I didn’t need anyone For anything. And then he came along and showed me why I was lying to myself. He came along and gave me companionship. He gave me love He gave me friendship and warmth and bliss. But he also gave me disappointment and insecurities and a feeling of self doubt. He was a rose. Roses have thorns. And I got cut trying to move the roses into the vase by my bedside table. My fingers started bleeding and the pain did not fade. So here we are. One question, and only my answer. I’m afraid. ? I’m exhausted. I’m not sure. Sure, I like plenty of flowers and plenty of flowers would love to sit in the vase beside my bed. But my trauma comes from pain and I’m just starting to see…

Wildest dreams; day 73

Originally posted on Vogue & Dreams:
I’m sure everyone has watched Taylor Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams” by now. I know I certainly have, which has inspired my look for the day. Since getting my internship, I’ve been dressed in some pretty “professional” outfits, so it was nice to get home and get into something a little bit more relaxed. I have always loved lace and flowers, as they bring out the inner hippie in me. They are also two very feminine staples and reflect these last few days of summer before the cool fall days are upon us. Flower crown – Flea Market  Dress – Seductions Thanks for reading!!  ?