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I Hate Running…So What Now?

Originally posted on She Hates Running:
Living an inactive lifestyle is all to common these days. With desk jobs and telecommuting, it can be hard to get in a regular dose of activity. This is especially hard to concur when you hate running, the gym, and most physical activity purely for fitness. I have never been a fitness buff or one to constantly check in at the gym, but I am doing myself a favor and getting my butt moving on a regular basis! I know Zumba isn’t new, but classes have never worked well with my schedule or budget. In my search for a workout I actually enjoy, I came across Dance Fitness with Jessica, more specifically her beginner section on YouTube! You should definitely check her out if you are a a fan of any kind of dance workouts she has a range from beginner to expert on her channel. I am a million miles from being a good dancer but I found her dances easy enough to follow and there is a…