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For Those Seeking Jobs in Creative Fields, LISTEN UP! Or LOOK Up? Just Look at This.

Ira Glass: radio personality, host and executive producer of This American Life, NPRer, and an inspiration. This video displays a very significant statement about a phase that we all go through. So take a look. Start your morning, afternoon, or night off on a “good to know” note. Without further ado, I present to you: Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 3 Enjoy! Also, I’m pretty sure Ira Glass is a meta-hipster. G.U.M Team

Ambivalence: Senior Year

Oooooh senior year. It is slowly approaching and my mixed emotions (ambivalence) continue to grow. Being a film student, there is something that I was told by many alumni and professionals… While all of my business student friends (and by that I mean…the students in the business school whose names I happen to know from one class we had together) are running off to their post-grad jobs that they solidified before senior year began… For us in the film community, odds are, we won’t have a job on graduation day. To make matters worse, it’s not our fault. We don’t have control over it. It is just how the industry works. Some people may read this and think: That’s not true, the company I interned with just offered me a job. You are the exception. CONGRATU-frickin-LATIONS. No but really, Congratulations! That’s pretty darn awesome. You truly are one of few. Needless to say, if you have connections from heavily networking or a family friend happens to be someone with a lot of power, use them as …