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No, I’m Not A Pretentious Bitch

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Just because I suddenly have this self belief, the belief that I won’t fail at life, that I am headed for something great, Just because I have faith in Allah, Doesn’t make me a pretentious bitch, it does not make me full of myself. So you’re telling me it’s better for me to doubt every move I make? Every word I write? You’re telling me it’s better for me to cry myself to sleep because I hate the way I look, and I’d rather be prettier, skinnier, better? Really? Just because I now think that I can change the world, that I will become published, that I will not let them bring me down, Just because I now see the beauty of my religion, the beauty in myself, in the world, It makes me full of myself?! Just because I now have this self-respect, the right to say what I’m thinking, it makes me big-headed?! My hijaab and my words, my poetry and my tears, What are they worth to you?

I’m Thinking, I’m trying, I can handle it.

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if all my teachers taught all their lessons sarcastically with tons of humour added, I’d learn so much more, I’m trying really hard today after all of yesterday’s shit, I’m not giving up, I’m trying, I’m listening to so much of suli that I’m now laughing :’) and my emotion’s are coming back, and my attitude and persona, I’m not giving in and I will not give up, I will try hard, at life, at school, at mosque, because I won’t let my breakdowns stop me from being me, 🙂

The Quill Within Me & The Cookie in My Mouth

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This was me a year ago: Once more I find the quill within me and my smile, the ink, writing is freedom, I must say writing is living and laughing, most of all writing is loving, loving not only the world but everything, everyone in it. Writing is my passion… I swear I haven’t changed that much, I still believe that Ohmygod today was so weird!!! I was nervous all day, but hid it, and I randomly decided to give my english teacher the ‘novel’ I’ve been working on since the ideas in it would be good for my coursework, and he asked for it, so I just gave him the whole draft THE WHOLE DRAFT aaaaaaaargh, what if he thinks it’s absolute shite?! NERVOUS Anyways, Happy news! My period came! Now I know, this is kinda weird, but hell, all us ladies get them, get over it, anyways I’m like 2 months overdue and I was getting really worried, but yay! it came! prepare for the mood swings folks! and…