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Nail Your Next Phone Interview in 4 Easy Steps!

? Phone interviews are hard. These tips can help. ūüôā Dress to Impress I know what you’re thinking. “T.A. this is a phone interview. Who cares what I’m wearing?” They might not be able to see you, but you can see you. The way you feel about yourself has an affect on the way you and come across over the phone. If you’re lounging around in sweats and a hoodie, that will come across in your interview. You don’t have to wear a suit or anything. Just put in a little effort into your appearance before you interview. It’s the same concept of dressing up for a test or a class. You look successful, you feel successful, you are successful. Learn Everything About Your New Potential Employer Literally, stalk them. Learn everything you can about them. What awards did this company win recently? What is their motto or mission statement? What do they do primarily? What is their largest source of revenue? Are they involved in charity work? If you know these things well, it…

Green dress to impress

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
Autumn is here which means the darker colours are out and I love this shade of Jade great/teal. It is flattering for every shade of skin and it is perfect for this time of year. This dress is a tight knee length which is great as it can be worn for lots of occasions although it has that added with of detail with the cut out back. It has a turtle neck which is really in fashion this year and because this dress is quite simple I have been able to dress it up with a a statement necklace which I love! Dress РMiss Selfridge £19.99 Shoes РPublic Desire £19.99 Necklace РEsprit £24.99