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The Canteen: An Awesome Review.

Originally posted on SHEU QUEN | THE RACONTEUR:
The crowd at the Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author. My Sunday began just like any other Sunday — oversleeping because I’ve slept far too late on Saturday night. How typical of me. No matter how many times I berate myself for having such awful sleeping habits, you can’t blame me either because I bust my chops on weekdays, sleeping early just so I can wake up early the next day for work. Naturally, I’d sleep in on weekends. But I will admit that waking up at mid day does take half my day away when I could be up and about, doing a million things before lunch. Nevertheless, my husband and I managed to rouse ourselves awake and shake the cobwebs from our heads. That question bugged us again though: “What shall we have for lunch?” Normally, my husband would go out and buy lunch back but today, I felt like having something different. I felt like going to a new place and trying a…

But First, Coffee.

Originally posted on SHEU QUEN | THE RACONTEUR:
A little coffee goes a long way. That’s how my day is supposed to start. | Photo by Medical News Today. I was never a coffee drinker until I tasted the magic of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. When I was young, my dad used to take the family out for supper and it almost always was to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at a neighbourhood mall. Back then, life was much simpler and we needn’t have to worry about traffic, rising costs of living, and undesirable folk (mostly snatch thieves and kidnappers). My usual order used to be iced blended mocha frappuccino (more chocolate than coffee). My parents would always have something with a dash of espresso. One day, I decided to try some. Oh, I will never forget that initial bittersweet hot liquid that slid down my throat. I swore that coffee must be the vilest beverage ever, second to wine. Yes, I don’t have a taste for wine. Champagne, maybe, but not wine. But that…