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16 Places to Visit in 2016

Originally posted on The Wanderlust Times:
Struggling to decide where to go next or where to pop on your never ending bucket list? Then here are some places that deserve some attention this year. 2016 is set to be a big year for many countries across the globe with world events such as the Olympic Games, new and exciting infrastructure being built and special anniversaries to be celebrated. Here, I’ve listed the ‘go-to’ places for the coming year and why this year will be a special time to visit them. Havana, Cuba Source Traveling to Cuba – especially to the capital of Havana – is like stepping back in time. Old architecture, antique looking shops, colourful homes and classic cars from the 50’s make this city rare and unique. Thanks to the tumultuous relationship between Cuba and the USA, Cuba has yet to be introduced to much Americanisation, keeping its unique culture very much alive. Since the countries have since restored ties in 2015 that is likely to change, so get there quick while it’s still stuck in a time warp.…

We’re Black in Havana, and Still Can’t Breathe

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
By Jasmine Hall and Moriah Ray Displaced: to force someone to leave their home, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disasters. This war being waged on black bodies is resulting in our persecution, and there is nothing natural about this disaster. It is methodological, institutionalized and heavily funded.   As we entered our embassy, which is supposed to serve as our “safe haven,” we found ourselves displaced. As we nervously walked through a barrage of bulletproof doors and body scanners, the face of a black man on the wall – our Commander in Chief – provided us momentary relief before we entered the main lobby. There, we were reminded of the threat that black women pose to the system. Posted on the edifice walls, we saw nothing more than a freedom fighting black women labeled a “TERRORIST.” She fought – and continues to fight – against the system so we can breathe. One million dollar reward for anyone who could return the women in “traditional African clothing” who was…