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I’m just gonna have to try to get him to like me – 25th February 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Wednesday 25th Bloody Barnsley! That’s it – 3-2 to bloody Barnsley! Man Utd are well out of the FA bleeding Cup. That was so close. 2-0 at half time then Cole scored and Sheringham scored in the second half and unfortunately so did a Barnsley twat player. I s’pose at least it wasn’t completely humiliating, like 3-0. What am I saying? We lost to Barnsley, what’s more humiliating than that?! Okay, maybe losing to Man City or someone but Barnsley are usually shite. Forget it, Tess, it’s done with now, it’s not your fault that the linesmen were zombies and can’t see an offside. It’s done with now and there’s nowt I can do about it. Hayley’s not gone off Ferny yet either. She’s going to say that she’ll go out with him once she gets to know him better so that’ll probably keep him interested in her. Also, he’ll feel that he can’t go out with any other girls coz Hayley’s virtually taken him. I’m just gonna have…