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not another box of chocolates

Originally posted on for the love of nike:
I think we all hate those mushy-gushy-corny-worny-heap-o-cheap Valentine’s gifts you’d imagine have been sitting in a Walgreens warehouse since they weren’t sold last February. Instead of giving in to a made up holiday and buying some piece of junk that’ll just get thrown out in a few months, I like to get creative and find another way to tell my loved ones that they rock. See what I mean? If you’re diggin’ it, take a closer look and click below. It’s time to get personal and give personal, whether your person is into Emily Dickinson, a sneakerhead, nature lover, or a Where The Wild Things Are fan. ?

Through the Neon Rainbow

Originally posted on for the love of nike:
You guys remember my wall hanging for giants? Well I made a mini one. Like it? It would love to hang in your home. Grab it for yourself here, my friends. I’ll even include a little surprise for ya if you message me and say you saw it here first.

DIY: Updating Plastic Bins

Originally posted on The HardKnock Diaries:
Last week, I was in the process of moving out of my parent’s home for the first time. With the lack of space in my dorm, I needed drawer space that came on wheels and was easily accessible. To combat my problems, I decided to purchase plastic bins to hold all of my necessities. The only problem was the terribly ugly appearance and lack of privacy of the bins. Watch me transform my bins from… This: To This: What You’ll Need: Plastic bins or drawers Double Sided Tape (or an adhesive) Scissors Scrapbook Paper ( wrapping paper or liner can also be used) Steps: 1.) Measure your scrapbook paper against your plastic bins. I was lazy with this step, but you can certainly use a ruler if you like. 2.) Once, your paper is measured, put medium sized tape pieces along the four corners of the scrapbook paper. I have seen others actually cut a slit where the handle should go, but again I am lazy and this covering…

More Photo Back Drop DIYs.

Originally posted on Ordinary Adventures:
Not too long ago, I shared a post with you guys about creating your own photo back drops! You can see my process and post here. I’ve loved using these gorgeous and super simple backgrounds for all my photos lately. It really makes the quality and creative flare of my photography pop. During the first round, I only made three though and I’ve been on the look out for any more styles that would compliment my blog and ideas. While perusing through Target the other day, I ran into some lovely wrapping paper that I knew I needed as backgrounds. These sheets just couldn’t be passed by. So, I grabbed two more large white dry erase styrofoam boards, my tape and scissors, and of course, my new paper! This weekend I sat down with all of that, and made two more pretty backdrops. I’m already in love with them and using them for photoshoots for future posts. Cheers, — Brey

Photo Back Drop DIY.

Originally posted on Ordinary Adventures:
There are two very important aspects to blogging. One is writing, and the second is pictures. To have a successful post, I have found that you need quality, eye catching photos, paired with gripping, interesting writing to reel the readers in. It’s a simple concept and it might seem obvious, but when it comes down to publishing a post, it’s a lot harder than it looks! Up until recently, I was frustrated and embarrassed by most of my posts because the pictures didn’t do them justice or didn’t… pop enough. My photos didn’t match the same quality as my writing and ideas. I have come to find out, that just like writing, mastering photography takes more than just having an expensive tool. You need to have an interesting subject, great lighting, and what I recently learned: a helpful backdrop. Most of the subjects of my photos lately have been of items set up against a backdrop. Not only has these backdrops been moveable (to help catch the light perfectly), but they’ve made…