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I’m Not Sold On Relationships

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
I’m not sold on relationships. I’m not sold on the idea of only being with one person for the rest of your life. Because I’m only in my 20’s and feel like I’ve been 10 different people already. How can someone tolerate that much growth in their self, let alone someone else? Plus all I’ve seen is the divorce rate sky-rocket. I’m not sold on fairytale romances where you meet “the one.” There are SO many people in the world and we’re only exposed to a small portion, even with the Internet. What are the chances you met “the one” at college in your home state? I’m not sold on dedicating your life to someone else. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be a little selfish, but in a relationship you shouldn’t be selfish at all. I’m not sold on the dynamic most relationships adapt. Just settling into the first thing that comes your way, changing your dreams for someone else. You had plans to move out of…

I’m Glad It Didn’t Work Out (Part 1)

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
It took a lot for me to trust again after my first relationship. And then all the things that happened between that break up and you. All the ways I tried to get over heart break left me with zero trust. I couldn’t put a label on anything. Swore up and down I didn’t want a relationship in college. Especially not another long distance one. I wanted to do the opposite of everything I had done the first two years of college. I thought maybe I was getting over that phase when I had met you. I had hurt people, kind of purposefully but kind of on accident. I didn’t want to do that to you, so I refused the label of girlfriend and told you I wouldn’t commit. It drove you crazy and it drove me crazy that it drove you crazy. We went through each other’s phones, accused each other of everything under the sun. I’d sometimes hint at wanting a relationship. But I had stolen all of…