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The 9 Types of People You Encounter at Starbucks

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The “I’m in a hurry” business person. They whisper their order while on the phone. Just a double espresso for them. They throw their card at you and of course don’t bother to tip. They will bump into someone and cause them to spill their freshly prepared triple tall, no room, extra hot, soy latte. Does the business person stop and offer to buy a new latte for them? Nope. They have to get into the office. Now. P.S. You get decaf espresso. The triple tall, no room, extra hot, soy latte lady. It took her years to get her order just right, so she doesn’t care if it takes everyone behind her in line years to get their’s either. “Um, are you sure this soy?” The work-from-home outlet hog. Working from home does not mean working from Starbucks. You order a drip coffee when you first arrive and then stay there for hours taking up space and hogging the outlet because you want a change of scenery? Move over, I need…

How to Interact With the Barista Boy in 3 Ways

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So there are a couple of Starbucks I go to on occasion. My goal in life is to really have a place where I walk in and they already know my name and my drink. I know, I really dream big on that one. Anyway, I don’t visit Starbucks nearly enough for anyone to know who I am or even care for that matter. Yet. Anyway, back to the point of this post. Since I’m awkward, I can never tell if boys are flirting or just being weird…but I have had some pretty interesting comments from different barista boys at all of the local Starbucks. ? 1. I go inside, order my drink, pick it up from the counter, get in my car, drive 30 minutes to work, get to my desk, take a sip, set the cup down, and that’s when I see it. The barista boy had asked my name to write it on the cup, and he had written it – even…

Sneak Preview: Joconde Cakes.

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Call it what you want: ‘multi-tiered‘ or ‘multi-layered‘. It is still a ‘cake‘. | Photo by La Bamboche Weddings. When I was introduced to someone who bakes macarons, little did I know that she bakes joconde cakes too! Otherwise known as ‘opera cakes‘. Yep. I only knew this recently and with that little titbit of knowledge, I made an order for a slice of green tea and black sesame flavoured joconde cake, on top of having three more macarons delivered to my home. Let me tell you a bit about these multi-layered cakes, and once I have eaten it, I will share my experiences with you. Until then, here is a short history of the joconde cake: According to Wikipedia: The joconde cake is a French type of cake, and can also be called an ‘opéra cake’. It is made using several thin layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, before being covered in a chocolate glaze. According to Larousse…

How to Plan Out NYC in 10 Days

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I am still on such a high from the big apple! I love it so much! There is so much to see and do and to just look around at! Since this was the boyfriend’s first time I knew we had to hit all the sights. We took a red eye flight and got to the city at 10 am. And then the adventuring began! Because we had so many things we wanted to do we decided to write down by days what we wanted to see and do. Day 1: Arrived at the apartment, went to brunch, came back for a nap, took our first subway ride to Times Square to soak in all the bright lights. Then we wandered down a street to get dinner in our first Irish Pub for the week! Day 2: Started out with some coffee, then it was off to the Brooklyn Bridge we went. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then went to the park below. Followed…

Coffee; my ride or die.

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Today I was informed that my relationship with my barista is a lot more serious than most relationships you see all over Facebook. Im not sure whether I should be happy I get the best of both worlds; a single girl with serious commitment to a man who listens to me. Or depressed that my ride or die relationship is with the guy who makes my coffee and talks me out of ‘just one more croissant’ every day.

The Canteen: An Awesome Review.

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The crowd at the Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author. My Sunday began just like any other Sunday — oversleeping because I’ve slept far too late on Saturday night. How typical of me. No matter how many times I berate myself for having such awful sleeping habits, you can’t blame me either because I bust my chops on weekdays, sleeping early just so I can wake up early the next day for work. Naturally, I’d sleep in on weekends. But I will admit that waking up at mid day does take half my day away when I could be up and about, doing a million things before lunch. Nevertheless, my husband and I managed to rouse ourselves awake and shake the cobwebs from our heads. That question bugged us again though: “What shall we have for lunch?” Normally, my husband would go out and buy lunch back but today, I felt like having something different. I felt like going to a new place and trying a…

Of Coffee and Macarons.

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A coffee and some macarons help me relax better with my book. | Photo by Anna Verdina (Karnova). When I think of relaxing with a cup of coffee and my book, I always ask myself, “Where should I go to have my daily cuppa and maybe something to nibble on while reading my book?” That question never fails to escape my thoughts before planning my day. Sadly, not many cafe joints here can give me what I need as most of them are frequented by young Malaysians and their big groups of friends. Don’t get me wrong, people here are free to go wherever they want to and with whomever they wish to be with. All I’m saying is that when you see large crowds at one place means the place is either a popular destination or it’s a rather small area and can only hold so many people at one time. So it’s back to the drawing board again and revisit your cafe blueprints and find another…

But First, Coffee.

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A little coffee goes a long way. That’s how my day is supposed to start. | Photo by Medical News Today. I was never a coffee drinker until I tasted the magic of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. When I was young, my dad used to take the family out for supper and it almost always was to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at a neighbourhood mall. Back then, life was much simpler and we needn’t have to worry about traffic, rising costs of living, and undesirable folk (mostly snatch thieves and kidnappers). My usual order used to be iced blended mocha frappuccino (more chocolate than coffee). My parents would always have something with a dash of espresso. One day, I decided to try some. Oh, I will never forget that initial bittersweet hot liquid that slid down my throat. I swore that coffee must be the vilest beverage ever, second to wine. Yes, I don’t have a taste for wine. Champagne, maybe, but not wine. But that…