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There Is No Such Thing As Free Stuff

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
TANSTAAFL If there’s one thing I remember from high school economics, it’s that acronym. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. And I think I know why it’s stuck with me for so long – it’s true. In college, I loved getting free lanyards and water bottles and coozies (I’ve never even used a coozie) from career fairs and other campus activities. Once I got my own apartment, I often picked up furniture that was left by dumpsters and brought it home with me. I didn’t even do anything cool with it, like my friend Meg does over on her blog – her buffet and mini chest are breathtaking. I still have a hard time resisting the “free stuff” I find sitting out by the curb. But it’s not really free. How we’re paying for this free stuff Free stuff can actually be really expensive when you do the math. We pay for it with our time – picking it up, cleaning it, moving it around in our homes. Even…

Junk in the Trunk (and the Drawers and Bins)

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Junk drawers. They’re like Lay’s potato chips – you can’t have just one! They’re under our beds, in our kitchens, our offices, bathrooms, you name it – there’s probably a junk drawer there. The number and type of junk drawer that we have says a lot about us – mine make me look like a just-in-case fanatic. Last year, I counted at least three bins that I considered “junk drawers” in my apartment, mostly filled with half-blank pieces of paper for later use. I’d been carrying all this crap around for years without knowing it. Drawers and storage solutions are perfect for intentional storage. But they can be dangerous too – we leave things hidden for so long that we start to forget what we own and why we own it. A peek inside my junk drawers When we moved seven months ago, I avoided storage specifically because I don’t want to go back to having multiple junk drawers. But junk drawers always find a way, don’t they? We have a little built-in vanity and…

Managing Clutter Magnet Spaces

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Clutter magnet spaces. You know what I’m talking about – the table next to the door, that part of the kitchen counter, your nightstand. The places where clutter sets up camp. For me and my husband, I’m a bit ashamed to admit, all of the flat surfaces in our apartment are magnet spaces. It’s not for lack of storage or even an excess of stuff that really causes the clutter buildup. It’s mainly a bad habit that we’re constantly fighting against. Every. Day. And when the table isn’t clear or there are clothes on the bed, I get distracted and stressed out. When my desk is most cluttered, I even question why I’m talking about minimalism (despite how far I’ve come these past three years). Why does stuff appear there? Our routine includes a thorough apartment-cleaning each weekend so that we can have a fresh start to the week. Everything goes back to its proper place and we breathe easier knowing that everything is where it should be. So why,…