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FALL fashion outfit IDEA: comfy & chic Parka

Originally posted on happynami:
Are you out of ideas when it comes to dressing for Uni classes? Here’s one! You will look chic and comfortable at the same time. Check out my outfit of the day: Wearing layers in Fall is essential, since the weather is very unpredictable. Over the knee boots are a trendy piece and in my opinion the best choice for rainy Autumn. What I’m wearing: FOSSIL eye glasses H&M parka EDDY WOOD sweater TALLY WEIJL pleather skort SCHUTZ over the knee boots STROILI ORO ring TED BAKER ring MANGO bag KIKO COSMETICS nail polish Hope you like it 🙂 For more photos from my everyday life Follow me on Instagram.

Top 10 clothing stores

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Hello readers, welcome to my blog post. I have not been blogging for a long time due to school. I have done a blog post like this before on top 10 beauty, lifestyle,fashion and diy YouTube channels. These are my 10 10. Miss guided 8. Pacsun 7. AX Paris 6. Topshop 5. George(asda) 4. Primark 3. H&M 2. Forever 21 1. New look Thank you for looking at my top 10 clothing stores I like. This top 10 is based on my favourite stores and the stores I go to the most. Since I’ve been in most stores on my top 10, I will show you what I have brought from all stores. . Remones top (from primark) . Blue high heels and demin jeans ( from new look) . Demin jeans, turquoise crop top with cream coloured coat(from new look,H&M and primark) Hope you’ll like my top 10 lists and the clothes I’ve bought from different stores that l love soo much. Also, I will be blogging every weekend.…

Wildest dreams; day 73

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I’m sure everyone has watched Taylor Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams” by now. I know I certainly have, which has inspired my look for the day. Since getting my internship, I’ve been dressed in some pretty “professional” outfits, so it was nice to get home and get into something a little bit more relaxed. I have always loved lace and flowers, as they bring out the inner hippie in me. They are also two very feminine staples and reflect these last few days of summer before the cool fall days are upon us. Flower crown – Flea Market  Dress – Seductions Thanks for reading!!  ?

Winter Warmers

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The English summer is definitely over so this means only one thing, we have to get out the jumpers. Although I moan about the English winter being so wet and grey I must admit I do love the fashion during this season, jumpers, coats and boots! Today I have been and bought my first new winter clothes to add to the wardrobe and this literally makes me so excited! Ive gone for a grey oversized jumper and a pair of high heeled chelsea boots. Ive paired these with a pair of leather look leggings and my grey Kurt Geiger bag. I feel like these are all staple items for the wardrobe as can go with everything and will always look great! Jumper – H&M £14.99 Boots – H&M £24.99 Bag- Kurt Geiger – £150 Leggings – River Island £9.99 Iv

Selling My Stuff: Clothes Hoarding

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As it’s under 2 weeks until I make the journey to Australia, I have decided to try and sell some of my old clothes that I either don’t wear anymore or don’t fit into, to make some extra money so I don’t have to dip into my travelling fund for my drinking habits etc. I haven’t even sold everything yet, but this was such a hard thing to do for me. I’m like almost every girl that when I get invited out on a Saturday night, I can’t find anything to wear. Not a thing. I will pine for ages about how my clothes are too old or don’t suit the occasion etc. and will end up borrowing something of my friends or buying something new before the weekend. This happens almost every week. When I made the bold decision to sell some of my clothes, I didn’t realize how much I hoard clothes. Unfortunately, all of the dresses have gone and it’s just the shoes left to sell. I’m a…

Short Life Span: Website Offers Nostalgia Themed T-Shirts for 36 hours at a time

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RIPT Apparel was a site recently brought to my attention and I have to say it has one of the coolest twists on a t-shirt website I’ve ever seen. To explain how cool it is, I will now present the next part of this post in song form: “Ohhhh, There is this site…” What’s that? No one can understand to tone of melody or a song through text? Fair point, maybe I’ll just explain the site then. RIPT apparel sells unique, limited edition pop culture designs every day on tees, hoodies, posters and more! Each design starts at $11.00 and lives for 36 hours before it’s laid to rest in our Graveyard forever. Not all the products are Nostalgically themed but all are really cool and original. The crazy part is that each item is unveiled daily at Midnight (CST) and is only available for 36 hours! What does that mean? First off it means they do a hell lot more work then I do on this blog and…

How To Shop Smart! Part 1!

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Everyone knows that a girls biggest weakness is shopping! Looking thorough endless racks of clothes I always manage to find something I like and can never resist the urge to buy it! Unfortunately the only solution to not buy clothes you don’t need is to not go shopping, but if you are anything like me, that won’t work, I always end up in a mall somehow! Here are some tips on how to shop yet still save money. A day or two before you go shopping always go online and check for coupons. You’re probably thinking, “I won’t find any coupons, if there are any sales I’ll find out at the store,” but you’d be surprised how many coupons I’ve found and how much money I’ve saved. There are usually coupons for The body shop and Claires so make sure to always search for coupons for those stores. Stores are sneaky, they don’t place racks randomly, they place them strategically. Almost every store has a clearance rack, you just…