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Clean Eating on a Budget at Target

Originally posted on Crafty Coin Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to shop at just one grocery store instead of bouncing around finding the best deals. I’ve conquered Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and now this week, I took my $70 weekly grocery budget and headed to Target! Target is one of those stores which seems to have a sort of cult following. People go nuts for this place! With it’s bright clean and chic atmosphere, quality dollar section, and usually a Starbucks available to enjoy a coffee while you shop, what isn’t there to love? Now here in Chicago, we have lots of different Target options. We’ve got the regular old Targets. The SuperTargets. The Urban Targets. And even the CityTargets. They all offer essentially the same thing, but with more or less variety at each store. Being that I have so many great grocery store options near my apartment, I’d never made the mile trek to my nearest Target to pickup my food for the week. When I arrived, I was surprised by what I found. Read …

A Quick Guide to Preparing Healthy Food

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follow these quick and easy healthy substitutions when preparing food. •Bake, grill, poach or steam foods rather than microwaving or frying foods •Try applying oils using a spray bottle or use nonstick pans rather than coating your food with oil, no matter what kind of oil is used •When baking or following a recipe try substituting 1.5 egg  whites instead of 1 egg •Use nuts sparingly. Remember that nuts, although healthy, are full of fats and should only be enjoyed in small quantities •Use sea salt instead of table salt •Try using low fat yoghurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise- you won’t even taste the difference!

Clean Eating on a Budget at Whole Foods Market

Originally posted on Crafty Coin This week, I stepped into a store that I never thought would be a part of my weekly budgeting grocery hauls. Recently a Whole Foods Market opened up near my apartment so this Sunday I grabbed my favorite reusable grocery bags and walked one mile north to check out the newest grocer in the neighborhood.  If you know nothing about Whole Foods, you’ve probably at least heard of its nickname “Whole Paycheck”. This supermarket chain has a reputation for being ultra pricey, and it can be, but here’s the deal. Basically everything I bought was more expensive than the prices listed on my Budget Grocery Price List, but by avoiding the fancy smoothie station and by following my usual grocery plan – choosing my food based on the best prices, not on my wants or impulses – I was totally able to walk out of Whole Foods with only spending $70 for a week’s worth of groceries for two! What I Liked About Whole Foods Quality. It was obvious to me that the quality of most of the produce and meat …