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The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis // An Adorable 10-Year-Old & All The Feels

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Firstly, I need to ask, WHY THE HELL MORE PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THIS BOOK??!! The One Thing is an awe inspiring book that makes takes you through the whole emotional spectrum, and has crazy awesome characters. If you haven’t read this, which I know a lot of you haven’t, YOU NEED TO! I started around 9ish at night and read through to ten to 4 in the morning because I JUST COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Maggie lost her site six months ago due to bacterial meningitis, along with her bright soccer future, her close relationship with her mother, and all of her friends. One day while at her probation officers office (a small prank) Maggie slips, knocks her head and then suddenly a miracle occurs, she can see, but only Ben. This start’s Maggie becoming best friends with a 10 year old, crushing on his older brother (who happens to be the lead singer for Maggie’s favourite band) and her road to emotional and mental recovery Within the…

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things.

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Brace yourselves for a post made entirely out of cheese. The metaphorical mushy-gushy-feelings kind of course. You have been warned… There are many things in this world that make me happy. My children, my family, my almost-husband, my friends, and yes my possessions. It is, however, all the little things for me that create true enjoyment. The strange or sometimes the ordinary and otherwise unnoticed things. Small seemingly unimportant things that trigger nostalgia, or that somehow literally make your heart feel warm or your throat catch. You know, the things that make you say to yourself “Man I love this” or “THIS is what happiness is”. Things that make you feel human, or that just create an overwhelming sense of contentedness. The ACTUAL moments in your life where, like in the movies, you have to stop, take a deep breathe, and just enjoy for a second how perfect right now is. Seeing as how Thanksgiving is just around the corner, for my Canadian friends, this type of post I think comes…


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Brilliant, heartwarming, an unexpected treat. Fifth grader Jesse Aaron’s (Josh Hutcherson) hopes of becoming the fastest runner in his class are dashed when new girl Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb) outruns everybody, including him. However, they soon become friends and create an imaginary world called Terabithia, filled with fantastic creatures. Firstly, I will admit that I have never read the book so I cannot make comparisons. BUT . . . The most important thing when watching this film is to remember being a kid. As soon as the pair embark into the forest and create Terabithia, it made me nostalgic of when I once played crazy adventures in the garden. At first, we see the kids using their imagination and pretending pine cones are grenades BUT as they keep going back, the forest becomes bigger and bolder. Their imaginary kingdom comes to life. The special effects are varied, from slightly cartoonish to visual delights (Understandable to an extent as it is now seven years old). The film begins with…

Mr. Men Characters Reimagined for Millennials

I used to love Mr. Men books and videos. In November of 2014 Max Knoblauch was kind enough to create an updated version for the millennials who loved the books as a kid, and they are great! My favorite one is… Because this one’s true for most of us…even non-millennials. Check out the rest here. Have some of your own? Comment below or send them to G.U.M Team